this isn't right or is it ?

Effy is 18 years old has bright blue eyes and light purple hair . she is a bad girl she smokes ,drinks she falls in love with niall and he loves her but they both know they can be together beacuse they are so different but will they be with each other in the end ? will one of his best friends get her ? or her best friend ? read to find out


3. fight

Caseys P.O.V 

i heard Effy coming up the stairs there was a lot of yelling properly just her and mom fighting again . I heard Effy getting closer to the door  she came in and slammed the door and said Cas you will never guess what mom found, she found durgs in the house i dont even know what they are i think their Cooks .  Why do you have to say his name all the time i scream at her i'm sorry Casey i know you like him but he is my best friend , and you know he is 18 and your 15 now were is my is my spliff i need one now . I dont have it i forgot to get on my way home i say Get out get the fuck out of my room u promised me if you were allowed to stay in my room you do as i say she shouts .Fine i will move good luck finding someone to help you sneek out .

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