Lakehouse nights chapter 1 part 1

Lake house nights is about Hannah and her two sister who are forced to go on a family vacation to a lake house in Florida. The vacation house is beautiful, and ready for a wonderful family of five to enjoy, only there are a few problems. One, ally and Hannah hate each other. Two, Ally hates there father, Walter. And three, while the parents are caught in a storm far from home, Ally's half- brother finds the girls, and has evil intentions.


1. lakehouse nights chapter one part one

It was a bright summer Monday, school had just gotten out and my sisters and I were home alone.  Our father worked till very late, and our mom was out shopping (she is a teacher so she also gets off during the summer).

   I was in the office with my two best friends James and Tristan. They were twins, and they taught me everything I know. Some may find it strange that a girls best friends are two guys, but I was never the popular girl my older sister, Alexis, was.  In the office, James, Tristan, and I were typing in codes; creating the first video game by us. Tristan and James began complaining about how hungry they were. The guys were always hungry, but it was almost lunch time.  I decided to go get some snacks, after all coding is a long, boring process.  I maneuvered around the room, doing my best to avoid extra cables that were hooked up. James brought those over, claiming that they would help the program load faster and translate codes ten times faster than any compiler.  I preferred the simple compiler, but hey as long as no one messes with the cables we should be fine.

  I Left the office, making sure I closed the door all the way. On the door there was a note I put up that said not to enter without extreme caution. Those cables could electrify five bolts of energy into someone if handled incorrectly. Once I made sure the door was closed all the way, I made my way into the kitchen and started looking for what might sound good to eat. I ended up picking an apple up, cutting it up, and getting some peanut butter.  Just looking at the snack made my mouth water a bit. I was a bit hungry too.  I thought about taking one and eating it, when I caught something out of the corner of my eye.

  It was Orion, the pigeon I had found a year ago who lost one of his legs. I kept the bird for a while and nursed him back to health. Every now and then he’d come to the kitchen window and peer inside his old home.  I smiled at the bird, I had a good time with him, and the nice thing was…pigeons don’t migrate; so I saw him all year round. Orion cocked his head, as if expecting me to feed the guy. Unfortunately, I ran out of birdseed a while ago, so I grabbed a piece of bread crust, and handed it to the little guy. Orion grabbed it with his beak, and flew off. I watched him fly away, then turned around to see the fat cat, Mr. Fluffers, lazing around also looking for something to eat.

“Mr. Fluffers!” Joy called. Joy was my younger sister, and she loved her ugly, fat cat to death. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

“Your cat’s down here in the kitchen!” I yelled at her.   She ran down the stairs and into the kitchen and picked up her cat; which she knew I hated.  

  “There you are Mr. Fluffers! Are you hungry? Let’s get you something to eat.” She said. Joy had dark blonde hair that went halfway down her back. She always said one day she was going to be Rapunzel. I suppose it’s cute for a nine year old to think that.

“Hannah, why can’t I go into the office?” Joy asked me. I turned to her and helped her open the bag of treats for Mr. Fluffers.

  “Because there’s a ton of dangerous cables in there that could hurt you.” I told her.   She gave me a confused look, and I knew I needed a different excuse for her to fully understand.

  “Because there are two guys in there and they have cooties.”  I assured her. She accepted that excuse and handed Mr. Fluffers a treat. The fat cat took the treat and ran off again. Joy went after him, and I after Joy.  The cat found the office door, and scratched at it. Tristan opened the door, thinking I needed help opening it, and with that Joy cried, I grabbed Joy, and ZAP! The cat was on the floor of the house with its eyes closed.  James picked up the cat and brought it out.

  “Uh…cat down.” He said. Joy ran to the cat and took it from James.

  “Mr. Fluffers!” She cried.  I sat Joy down and got on my knees, feeling really bad. The cat was dead. Joy began crying.

  “Joy I’m-“ she didn’t let me finish, and ran up the stairs with the cat in her arms. I looked at James and Tristan.

  “I’ll go talk to her. In the meantime will you two pack up the cables?” I asked. The boys nodded and retreated back into the office. Stupid ugly cat was going to get me in trouble with both my parents, and Joy!

  I ran up the stairs, making sure to skip a few on my way up.  I ran down the hallway and to her room, which was across from mine. Her pink room was empty, which confused me because this is where she usually cries.  I checked her closet, which was a huge mess, but I didn’t find her. Then I ran to Alexis room, and sure enough she was crying to our older sister, which we both call Ally.

  “Ally, Mr. Fluffers…he’s dead!” She cried. I sighed, feeling really bad now.  Ally took the cat, and examined it. She took in a dead breath, and time seemed to go very slowly.  Next thing I know, the cat opened its eyes and Meowed. My eyes grew…Ally had just performed a miracle!

  “It’s not dead Joy! Mr. Fluffers was just taking a nap! Silly cat.” She said. Joy jumped for joy and took her cat, then walked out and saw me.

  “Look Hannah! Mr. Fluffers was just sleeping!” She was happy enough to hug me, then ran off to play tea party. Ally left her room, most likely to get something to eat and return to her room, when she saw me.

  “What did you do to that cat?” she asked me harshly.

   “Apparently, only put it to sleep with five bolts of energy…nothing to big.” I said back sarcastically.

This wasn’t the only time Ally had done the impossible. She did small things like heating up food that was luke-warm, or sharpen a pencil without a pencil sharpener. But I was onto her; I knew there was something not normal about Ally. She didn’t like that I was onto her, we hated each other’s guts.

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