Home Is Whenever I'm With You

After Marcel's parents die the state moves him into the foster system where he
is put in a foster home. Marcel is shy and super nerdy. After meeting his foster family, his life takes a turn.


1. Meeting The Foster Family

Chapter 1: Meeting The Foster Family


   "Marcel.. Marcel, honey wake up, we're here" The states assistant lady says, shaking me

gently. I quietly yawn and adjust my glasses, pushing them closer to my face. As I step out of the car my attention flies up to the big house in front of me. The states assistant lady, Cathy, starts walking up to the door, waving her hand, instructing me to follow. Instantly I become nervous, sweat starts to appear on my pale skin, my nerves getting the best of me. I slowly walk up to the door, hiding behind Cathy shyly. Cathy rings the doorbell and I hold my breath, not sure who or what will open the door. The door opens and there stands a lady. She looked at least around her thirties. She was really pretty. "Hi! Come in come in" The lady said excitingly. Cathy gives me that "its okay" look and walks inside. Soon after I follow her. I shyly look down, feeling my cheeks rise with heat. "Marcel, this is Jay. She's the woman who will be taking care of you for awhile" Cathy says, giving me a slight smile. As I go to say something we're interrupted by 6 other individuals talking loudly and laughing with eachother. Slowly I slide behind Cathy, butterflies running through my stomach like crazy. "Oh! I completely forgot you guys were coming home early. I'm so sorry Marcel, don't want to overwhelm you" Jay said a little worried. I gave her a small smile and looked up at the rest of them, making eye contact with the boy, he gives me a small smirk and I feel myself blush madly. "Marcel this is Dan, he's my husband. That's Lottie, Felicite, Daisy, Phoebe, and Louis" She introduced happily. I shyly and unsurely wave at them "I-I-I-I'm M-Marcel" I stutter massively, becoming embarrassed. The two twins start giggling at me, which 'causes me to get extremely uncomfortable. "Alright Marcel, I've got to get going. Frank brought your luggage inside so you won't have to worry about that. I will check on you every week, and you will be starting school here, okay?" Cathy says rubbing my back gently. I nod at her, a little scared of what might happen when she leaves. She gives me a small kiss on the cheek and walks out. I stand there unsure of what to do. "Well Marcel. We are all very excited to have you here. You can go get showered up for dinner. Louis will you please help Marcel to the shower and show him where the towels are?" Jay says, looking at Louis. He groans and rolls his eyes "Why can't Lottie?" He snaps at her angrily. I feel bad instantly, because now I'm their problem. "Louis William Tomlinson" She gives him a look "Fine fine fine" He says quickly. "Thank you, now I'm gonna go get dinner ready" She ruffles my hair giggling, and walks away. Louis grabs my arm roughly and leads me to the bathroom. I try my hardest not to make any sound at the sharp pain in my arm. He lets go and starts the shower. He turns around and looks at me "Towels are in there. And.." He says stopping mid sentence and walks up to me, staring into my eyes. He takes my glasses off, my vision going blurry "If you touch any thing that is mine.. I will break your glasses" He says harshly, throwing my glasses in the shower and walks out. I tear up and whisper to myself "You'll be alright Marcel" I undress then get into the shower. I open my eyes after I wash my hair and see a figure standing in the doorway. I slowly peak my head out of the curtain and gasp slightly. Standing there, smirking evilly, staring at the shadow of my naked body was the one I recently learned hated me... 

           It was Louis






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