Love direction

The story of a soon to be world wide band forming as one direction liam and niall are in love whith a pair of british twins. so are zayn and his girl friend Jamie but harry and Louis have nobody Or do they? are they together? are they afraid to be gay?


1. together alone

Harrys pov

Hi im harry I don't get it everyone in one direction has a happy ending I know what everyone says "your not the only one Louis has nobody to" but im serious I have nobody Louis can get any GIRL he wants but its not easy for a 17 year old boy to get whatever BOY I want. I do have my eyes on someone but its not easy to go up to a straight guy and say I love you espeacily when hes your bestfreind and in the same band as you and I almost forgot hes LOUIS. that's right I love Louis with his beautiful eyes his nice but how cant you be attracted to him

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