Hary's little brother

Marcel was just a normal boy with a famous brother who toured the world. Marcel has been getting bullied his hole life. Now marcel has heard news that harry is coming and staying home for awhile. Now marcel has to choose between telling his older brother about the bullying or hiding it and acting like every thing is okay. Which one will he choose you'll have to read it to find out


13. My new friend

Marcel's pov:

I was leaving the hotel when I ran into this girl. She seemed really nice. I walked up to her and said, "Hi my names Marcel what's your name?" She looked at me smiled and shyly said, "Drabbling nice to meet you." I smiled and said, "That's a very pretty name for a very pretty girl like you." I watched as she smiled.


I looked at her and said, "Um, I was going to go out for some lunch. Do you want to come along with me?" She looked up at me with a surprised look on her face. Then she cleared her throught then said, "Um, Yea sure lunch sounds great." I smiled at her and she did the same back then with that we wore off to get some lunch.

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