Hary's little brother

Marcel was just a normal boy with a famous brother who toured the world. Marcel has been getting bullied his hole life. Now marcel has heard news that harry is coming and staying home for awhile. Now marcel has to choose between telling his older brother about the bullying or hiding it and acting like every thing is okay. Which one will he choose you'll have to read it to find out


11. Just keep running! Don't look back!

Marcel's pov:

I sat their still shocked by what I had just said. I watched as Harry ran out of my room crying and I didn't even try to stop him! I started to think out loud, "What is wrong with you Marcel? Harry is your brother that you love a lot!" Now I was sure  that he would hate me. I was sitting their in my chair thinking about what I would do. That's when it hit me, all I seem to be doing is hurting Harry. So maybe I should run away from home that way I couldn't hurt him any more.

That's what I did that night. I grabbed a back pack and made sure to pack lightly. I was sure that I would be moving a lot. Here's what I packed: Blanket, pillow, money, food, sweater, umbrella, my phone, glasses plus my spare, and extra shoes. You know incase the ones I was wearing got worn out. Then I slipped out my bed room window and disappeared in the night.


Harry's pov:

I was upset and made at Marcel but I stilled loved him to death. I went upstairs and knocked on his door. I said, "Hey Marcel it's Harry can I come in we need to talk." I got no wander. I opened the door to see the lights wore off. I started to say as I turned on the lights, "Marcel look I know that your mad at me but that doesn't mean you should ignore...." The moment I turned the lights I saw that Marcel was missing and his window was open. I started to think to my self. "O no marcel ran away from home!"

I ran down stars like a little kid on Christmas morring screaming. I said when I found them, "Mom, Dad Marcel ran away from home. I think it was because of the fight that me and him got into early. We have to find him before he gets hurt!" I had tears in my eyes now. I stood their helpless as I watched my mom and dad get on the phone. Mom was calling all of Marcel's friend house's  see if he was at their houses. Dad was on the phone with the police reporting his missing son. I took out my phone and called the lads up and told them what happened.

I said, "Guys if he shows up at your houses or if you hear from him please call me and let us know. Where all so worried about him!" I was crying over the phone when all the lads said that they would ;et me know if they saw any sign of him. I hung up the phone and took a deep breath. Mom and dad did the same. Mom said, " He's  not at any of his  friends house's." Dad said, "The police are sending a surch team out right now to find him." The only thing we can do now is sit, wait, and hope that they find him safe and sound." So that's what did.

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