Hary's little brother

Marcel was just a normal boy with a famous brother who toured the world. Marcel has been getting bullied his hole life. Now marcel has heard news that harry is coming and staying home for awhile. Now marcel has to choose between telling his older brother about the bullying or hiding it and acting like every thing is okay. Which one will he choose you'll have to read it to find out


17. I'm home at last!!!!

Harry's pov:

I couldn't help but smile the whole way home as I listened to Marcel yammer on about his big adventure he had. I started to laugh at one point to I think. We drove in the car cracking jokes and laughing the rest of the way home. When we finally got home Marcel made such a dramatic entrance that I fell to the floor laughing so hard I was crying! XD He flung his seat belt off and ran in side screaming, "IM SPIDER MAN!!!!!"


Marcel's pov:

I was so happy to be back home that I did the one thing that popped into my head I ran around the house screaming, "IM SPIDER MAN!!!!" Well Harry rolled around on the floor laughing so hard. I couldn't help but smile really big and dumbly at hi witch made him laugh even harder. Then my mom and dad came into the room to see what the fuss was all about.  When they saw me I swear they burst into tears. Then Harry got up  screamed in his girlest voice ever. "WERE HOME!!!!" We all had a group hug and mom and dad took turns hugging me and crying. We wore a family that was whole again.

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