Hary's little brother

Marcel was just a normal boy with a famous brother who toured the world. Marcel has been getting bullied his hole life. Now marcel has heard news that harry is coming and staying home for awhile. Now marcel has to choose between telling his older brother about the bullying or hiding it and acting like every thing is okay. Which one will he choose you'll have to read it to find out


2. First day of school

Marcel's pov:


Summer just ended and it was back to school. I loved school but I still wasn't happy about going to it. Going back to school just meant having another hole year of getting bullied. Then again its not that bad I guess mostly because im used to getting bullied a lot. I was pulled out of books by someone calling me. I looked up only to see that it was the foot ball team again.


I tried to ignore them when Steve the head of the foot ball team walked up to me. I didn't dare to look him in the eyes. I could tell that he was not happy with me. He said, "Hey guys look its marcel in his little shell." I hated when ever they said that to me. It made me feel like I was nothing to them but even I knew that it wasn't true. I started to think about what my brother had always told me.


He would say show no fear and stand up to them. No matter what happens to you. So that's what I did you know what happened to me. I got beat up really badly by the foot ball team and it hurt a lot.

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