Look After You

Hi I'm Danielle Htor But call me Dani. I'm living the life as a 19 year old singer and I love being with my friends and living my life. Things can't get any better! Until I met him.

Hi I'm Louis Tomlinson. But call me Lou. I'm living life as a 20 year old in one direction the hit boy band. Things can't get any better! Until I met her.

What will happen when Dani falls for Lou and Lou falls for Dani? When neither one admits their feelings, some things go wrong...


1. Chapter 1

Danielle POV:

*beep beep beep*

"Ugh." I said aloud. It was time to go to work at Nandos. I got up and got dressed in my purple floral blouse and white denim jeans. I put my hair in a side French braid and ran out the door to my car and drove to work. I walked in and said good morning to Natalie my boss. I went to a table and took their orders. I noticed it was one direction but I didn't care. I'm not a fan. Louis asked if I knew who they were and I said I did but I'm not a fan. They all smiled. This is strange. 

Lou POV: Our waitress, Danielle, her name tag said, is not a fan of ours. I was quite excited because its not everyday you find someone not totally crazy about you. When she came back with our food, I asked her to join us. She kindly accepted my offer and say by me. Harry and I both got her number. No no no not Harry! I thought. He gets all the girls! Oh well. Maybe this one can be mine. 

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