the best job ever

a girl named brooke got a job working for one direction all the boys loved her when they saw her for the first time she liked harry then he and his twin marcel had to move to America he went to the boys and then she got in the band she sung harrys solos when he moved they broke up then she started dating niall.


2. her next love

brooke liked niall too they started dating after a few weeks they worked together so it was a bit strange at first they loved each other although brooke still loved harry when the toured America in la where harry lived they invited him backstage before and after the show brooke loved the stage but during what makes you beautiful harry came out as a surprise and sang with them it was like they had six members of the band even though they didn't. they invited harry to the after party and they had a great time brooke told harry about how she still loved him even though she was dating niall. niall understood and harry and brooke got back together they had a long distance relationship that would never end.

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