Niall's Irish Date

one direction have just come back from their tour. The boys want to spend quality time with their girlfriends but that would mean Niall be left out. What do you think he will do?


1. Home at last

"Could we have 5 coffee's and muffins please." said Harry to the waitrose "Being back home is great!" added Louis. "yh!" we all agreed. "so what will you be doing zayn?" I asked. "I will be spending time with my princess Perrie!!" "I cant wait to see her!" he said "well im flying back to america to see my babes Taylor" added Harry. I asked Louis the same quistion. "well im going to meet up with my super women Ealenor" he said. *buzz* *buzz* "oh it looks like Daniella wants to get back together again" said Liam, looking down at his phone. "what will you be doing Niall?" Louis said to me. "I-I dont really know" i said. "While you guys are with your girlfriends i dont know what i will be doing" i said. "Easy we will just get you a girlfriend!" said Louis. "well its not that easy is it ?" "Sure it is!" said zayn "Do you want someone famous or-" "i want her to be Irish" i said. "Well my friend thats what we will do then!" "We will get her mate"

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