Something Special

Lexi, a 17 year old girl, is raising her 5 year old and 2 month old brothers practically by her self. Her father is a drunk who beats Lexi for the past two years. Lexi's mother had cancer and died about 2 weeks after having Junior( her youngest brother ). To be honest lexi didnt have time to mourn, but when she can she thinks of when her father was kind& loving. When her mother sang to her, and loved her more than any mother could.


7. Chapter Seven

A/N sorry I haven't updated! I know you must hate me but my cousin Austin was run over by an SUV and died)':  Ill try to update once a week(: hugs and kisses ~Tina xx

*1 1/2 weeks later* Lexi's monitor went off again and I have my face in Lou's lap.

He's sing 'Hey the Delilah' but is replacing Delilah with Harry.

The doctor wals out and looks upset. "Harry, Louis. I have some news for you..."

Louis stands up I don't want to hear it but I go with him, Louis pulls me into his neck and rubbs my back like he'd comfort a little kid.

"What's happened doc?" Louis asks, "I afraid that Lexi HAS woken up!!"

He laughs, "I told you that I had news never said it was good or bad.

She just ate an we gave her some water, you boys can go in but she'll have to stay for the next week so we can watch her.

I'm also happy to say the baby will survive. SHE should grow up good and healthy!"

I ran into the room, "Lexi! Oh my god Lexi! I've missed you so much." She sat up and hugged me tightly "I've missed you to Niall!" She whispered. NIALL?!

"Lexi--" the doctor walked in, "Harry can I talk to you just for an extra minute with Louis here?" I walked out not wanting to leave Lexi again.

"She may not be so good with her memory. She will most likely get you names confused, whatever you do not tell her she's wrong. Not yet. Start off with small good memories, it'll slowly come back to her."

I nodded. I walked back in with Louis, "Niall, you didn't tell me Harry was here."

Louis looked at me confused, I mouthed 'Your Harry' to him. He looked sad but nodded. " Hi Lexi, How are feeling babe?" He played along.

She pulled him in, "Harry, I I just missed you so much. I so glad to get to see you again. I was so scared it was so dark and I was alone. "

I know she can't know I'm Harry yet but I just wanted to tell her so so bad. I left the room and called the boys.

I told them what the doctor said and they all understood. They soon arrived and Zayn was Louis, Niall was Zayn and She only remembered Liam as Louis.

We all talked, She started remembering going shopping when the girl from before came in.

"Ooh! Hello! I'm Stephanie, I'm one of lex's friends. You can call me Steph!" She smiled brightly. Zayn couldn't take his eyes off her.

Zayn introduced himself first and went in for a hug, he stayed like that for about 3 minutes. Louis coughed interrupting his little moment.

He blushed fiercely and looked down, we all introduced ourselves and Zayn gave her his seat. She started telling Lexi about times in 8th grade and it had us laughing.

Steph was really nice and Zayn couldn't take his eyes off her. Love at first sigh is true if you ask me.

While we all talked Lexi's drifted to sleep and we went 'home', tonight I'd sleep in the hotel, I slept on the hospital chair, bed and even the Floor!

I just had to be with her. I think I love her but she may never know if she doesn't start to remember us

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