Something Special

Lexi, a 17 year old girl, is raising her 5 year old and 2 month old brothers practically by her self. Her father is a drunk who beats Lexi for the past two years. Lexi's mother had cancer and died about 2 weeks after having Junior( her youngest brother ). To be honest lexi didnt have time to mourn, but when she can she thinks of when her father was kind& loving. When her mother sang to her, and loved her more than any mother could.


9. Chapter Nine

~~Next Day~~ ~~Lexi's POV~~

I wake up in a cold hospital room, the things Louis has told me so far are crazy. Apparently I was asleep for two weeks and I DIED twice. What had happened?! All I remember is being hit and seeing Harry with a frying pan. Harry. I barely know him and I'm already in love.

2 Days Later

I an finally out the hospital, I got out last night but it was 3:25 un the morning so tonight was the night me and Harry were going on our first date! He wouldn't tell any of the boys What we were doing So I couldn't get it from them, guess ill have to be surprised! I invited El over to help me with clothes. She picked out a mid thigh bright blue dress with white heels and a bow to go into my hair. I've never felt so pretty! My curly blonde hair fell perfectly onto it.

"You look beautiful!" She smiled at me. I couldn't help but smile back. "Harry will be speechless when he sees you! I am and I helped with this. " I love El, I just met her today and I love her. Bianca pretty much ditched me, and El makes up for it. Well not really. Bianca's been there since 6th grade and she just bails? I can't worry about that right now, Harry is expecting me! I go down the stairs. I kiss Khanes sleeping head and kiss junior in Louis's arms. Man have I missed them. Harry walks in with a handsom black tuxedo on.

"Wow" was all he said. I smiled and looked down, feeling the heat rising up to my cheeks. He grabs my hands and takes me to his car.

"Your gonna love what I have planned for you tonight!" He smiles at me.

"Where are we going?" I say with a smirk.

He chuckles. "You'll see." He places his hand on mine. I smile down at our hands.

We talked about anything and everything on the way and 30 short minutes we were there.

"I hope your hungry, I got the best chef." He smiled as he opens my door.

"You didn't have to open my door Harry" I laugh. "But thank you." I smile.

He kisses my hand and I feel goosebumps on that area.

We ate a four course meal with a Caesar salad, An Appitiezer, Dinner it's self and a 'divine' desert.

I pulled out my wallet. "No no no. I pay for this. " I tried for an extra 5 minutes trying to get him to split it but he insisted on him paying so I gave up.

"Dinner was wonderful Harry." I smiled at the thought of it.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it because there's more." He led me behind the restaurant through a sandy path.

"Take off your shoes." I did as I was told. We walked barefoot together on the beach with the waves going over our feet.

He held my hand and I smiled lightly to my self, this night is perfect.

"Close your eyes" he smiled down at me. He lead me over and when I opened my eyes I was amazed.

"Harry..." I gasped. He set up candles around a small pond like area on the beach. There were palm trees around the area.

"Sit with me" we looked into each others eyes, his were full of Love and excitement.

We were laying down next to each other, his arm was around me holding my hand. It was so romantic. And to top it off there were fireworks. I watched him as he stared at the sky.

"You're missing them." He smirked looking towards me. I smiled. He was now moving in closer to me.

Our lips touched and it was so amazing. I felt butterflies and sparks. I knew he was the one, the one for me.

Our kiss got deeper and more passionate. We were now moving In synch. His hands in my hair, mine around his neck.

He pulled away gasping for air. We looked back to the sky and a heart firework went off. I thought of it as a sign.

We blew out the candles and walked hand in hand down the beach shore. He started to sing Little Things.

This has been the best day of my life.

We got home and everyone was asleep. I slept in his room and it got heated.

I got changed into one of his shirts, he was watching me the whole time. "Like what you see lover boy?"

"That I do" he smirked.

I got into the bed and snuggled up into him. He kissed my forehead and lead a trail down my jawbone. That lead to my lips and then it just sorta went wild.

I love him but there's two things I'm worried about. 1. He didn't use protection, so I don't know if its safe for the baby. And 2. This is our first date and I just had sex with him. Am I a slut?

Well when me and El hang out tomorrow ill talk with her about it. Now im going to sleep against Harrys rock hard chest. I draw circles on it as I drift away.


I wake up still in Harrys arms. He let out small, quiet snores. It was adorable. I didn't wanna go but I had to go to Khane and Junior.

I start to get out and changed into his shirt and sweat pants quietly. WITHOUT waking him, he's a hard sleeper.

As soon as I stood up I darted to the bathroom. I had morning sickness, then I felt someone hold my hair and rub my back. Harry. If my face wast in the toilet I'd be smiling.

I had finally finished and sat by the tub with my knees pulled up to my chest.

"Are you feeling ok?" He asked me while pulling me into his lap.

"Yeah, it's part of pregnancy. And I think I'm getting a baby bump but I don't how long I've been pregnant." I sighed. "I think I'm about 3 months along. But I can't be sure and the only way I can know is if I get an ultrasound but I don't have enough money so I don't know what to do plus Khane and Junior. How am I gonna be able to support 4 people? Especially when I have two baby's. They are really exp--" I was cut off by a kiss. I guess all my babbling was boring him.

He pulled away smiling. "I'll take care of you, I already treat the kids as my own and maybe we Maybe raise them together?" He asked nervously.

I just smiled and said yes, we sat there hugging for a while until we heard glass shattering.

I ran down the stairs to see Khane on the ground bleeding and crying for me.

I ran to him and carefully picked him up. "HARRY! LOUIS!" I yelled.

"Mommy it hwurts everywhere. Mommy make it st-stop." He hiccuped crying intensely.

The boys were all down here. "Where's Junior?" I asked.

"He's sound asleep in his crib" Louis smiled proudly. I smiled back and we got Khane to the hospital.

A/N Oh No! Poor little Khane!): what will happen next? And is the baby gonna be ok after there 'fun' last night?(; Chapters coming soon! And I'm thinking of a sequel!

Hugs and Kisses

~Tina xx

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