Something Special

Lexi, a 17 year old girl, is raising her 5 year old and 2 month old brothers practically by her self. Her father is a drunk who beats Lexi for the past two years. Lexi's mother had cancer and died about 2 weeks after having Junior( her youngest brother ). To be honest lexi didnt have time to mourn, but when she can she thinks of when her father was kind& loving. When her mother sang to her, and loved her more than any mother could.


5. Chapter Five


*Lexis POV, Hospital*

Everything was dark. My eyes were open but I couldn't see. Where was I? " Helllooo Sweetheeart....." I heard, "Where are you? Who was that?" I looked around no one was by. I looked straight aga--" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"


Something was screaming in my face I plugged my ears quickly." Stop! Just Stop it!" I opened my eyes. My mother was next to me." Mama? Mama!" I hugged her, she rubbed my back. "Mama I missed you so so much." She started singing her song.


I noticed her face changing, and her eyes went white in the center, "Mama?" I was being freaked out by her. She disappeared and a crying baby girl appeared in my arms, "hello hello" I smiled down at her. She stop crying and she went pale.


She went stiff and wasn't breathing, she was dead. I laid her down next to me and just cried on the ground.


I wanted Khane and Junior back, I wanted Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall. I needed them. I just lay there sobbing, was I dead? Would I never see them again?


I felt something big and warm grab my hand, I looked, no one was there. I smiled. I squeezed back, then I felt warmth on my side. I tried to move, I tried and tried but I couldn't. This was the only way I could know i was alive.


[Sorry that was so short, kinda rushed I guess.]

*Steph's POV* Hi, I'm Stephanie, but you can call me Steph. I'd tell you more about myself but I'm kinda in a hurry. One of my closest friends is in the hospital, her name is Lexi.


The hospital called my house because I was a on her 'in case of emergency' list. The nurse just told me that they needed someone there to fill out some papers.


I asked her what was wrong." You didn't hear? Lexi is in a coma." I grabbed my purse and told the nurse I was on my way.




I practically sped the whole way there, I greeted the lady at the desk and she gave me directions. I smiled at her and made my way to the room. As I got closer I felt the tears start to form in my eyes, I'd see one of my best friends almost lifeless in a cold room on a hospital bed.


I noticed two other boys in chairs outside the room," Um..hi." I tried to smile but a tear rolled down my cheek, I looked in and saw a curly haired boy sound asleep next to Lexi. I kept debating on wether I should wake him up or not.


I pulled up a chair on the other side of Lexi and held her hand, I rested my forehead on the side of the bed and just fell asleep to the heart monitor.


Days went by and soon in was a week, twice she 'died'. What I mean is the heart monitor went flat twice and she had to be revived.


~ I'm gonna try to update every one or two days cuz I write more at night and then post in the day, btw I've been writing but I couldn't update cuz wifi wasn't working right/; Comment and Like Babes !

See you next Chappie!(: ~


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