Something Special

Lexi, a 17 year old girl, is raising her 5 year old and 2 month old brothers practically by her self. Her father is a drunk who beats Lexi for the past two years. Lexi's mother had cancer and died about 2 weeks after having Junior( her youngest brother ). To be honest lexi didnt have time to mourn, but when she can she thinks of when her father was kind& loving. When her mother sang to her, and loved her more than any mother could.


8. Chapter Eight

It's been a week and Lexi STILL doesn't remember me. She does remember high school and all her friends. She remembers going to Prom. I kinda wish she didn't remember that. I wish I was there to pick her up in a long black limo, I wish I could've seen how beautiful she looked in her long Blue Flower Gown. I wish I could see her face arriving there, I wish I wish.

I just arrived to the hospital again, we're gonna try to get her to remember more. I walk in the door, Louis is grinning.

"What? Why is Lo- I mean HARRY smiling like that?" I ask Lexi

"Harry" Lexi says, I look at her. She's talking to ME. I smile to myself. "Harold, Hazzabear, Hare, Harry? " she goes on with these names. I laugh and walk over to her, Louis pats my back and walks out. Before he goes he whispers something in my ear, I look up at him, nodd and reply with 'Later'.

I pull Lexi in for a big embrace, I wouldn't let go for 10 minutes straight. She giggled after 5 minutes.

"Harry?" She asked hugging tighter so I don't pull away.

"Hmmm?" I hummed in response.

"Thanks" she whispered. I felt wetness on my shirt, I rubbed her back in small circles.

"Don't. You were the strong one who pulled through for me. I was so worried and scared. The whole time you were in a coma I stayed here. I showered here, I slept here, I even ate here. I knew you could do it, I just knew it." I nuzzled my head into her neck. She brought her hand up to my head and played with my hair.

I pulled away and looked into her eyes. I saw Love and Happiness. I smiled widely, making her smile too. I leaned in slowly, stopping to see if she hesitated. She didn't. I leaned in closer keeping eye contact the whole time. As soon as her warm lips met mine I felt butterflies in my stomach, I gained entrance and our tongues were dancing the salsa together. Our first kiss soon became a make out session. Her hands were around my neck and mine were around her back. I pulled away - not wanting too of course - for air. We grinned so big my cheeks hurt. I took her hand.

"Will you Lexi Styles" I winked at her, and she blushed down at our hands. "Go on a date with me as soon as we're out of here?"

"Yes!" She smiled. She threw her arms around me. She let go and pecked my lips multiple time.

I smiled at her. "It'll be a night you'll remember." And one I will too.

I kiss Lexi goodnight and head to the hotel. The boys are all on the couch watching 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' I'm still smiling, wouldn't you? The love of my life has agreed to go out on a date.

"Hey Lover boy!" Louis chuckles.

"Oh shut up." I grin back at him. "I'll be back, I have to start planning."

"Oooooooo! 'Planning.'" They say at the same time.

I roll my eyes and go into my room.

A/N So two updates in a day!(: woot woot!(; How's everyone been doin? I just wanna see how your day has been. Mines been fine haha.. How about another chappie? Wow this one was really short too! 

Hugs and Kisses

~Tina xx

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