Something Special

Lexi, a 17 year old girl, is raising her 5 year old and 2 month old brothers practically by her self. Her father is a drunk who beats Lexi for the past two years. Lexi's mother had cancer and died about 2 weeks after having Junior( her youngest brother ). To be honest lexi didnt have time to mourn, but when she can she thinks of when her father was kind& loving. When her mother sang to her, and loved her more than any mother could.


2. A lot happens in One Day.

Right now I am goin to Bianca's house, I'm getting the diaper bag and Khane is getting his toys and putting them in my purse. " Mommy? Can I bwing tis one too? " I look over to see him holding his superman action figure. " Of course you can baby." I kiss his head and he puts his toy into my purse. He calls me mommy because well I don't know I told him I'm sissy but he just sticks with mommy. Junior is fast asleep in his carrier and the diaper bag is packed, so Me, Khane and Junior head out the door. First I put Junior in then I help Khane with his car seat. I get in and start down the road. I get into town and the traffic is worse than usual, there are a TON of girls and I mean a TON of them all on the sidewalks, I roll down my window while I am stopped, " Hey! Why is everyone here?" I yell to one of the girls, She looks over and shows me her poster that said " I ❤ YOU ONE DIRECTION!!" I nodded Smiling HUGE and decided to follow their tour bus, it was about 6 cars ahead but I had to meet them or at least see them. But, I had the kids. Well Khane would love to meet an older boy that didn't hurt him, and the baby wouldn't tell the difference. Plus I can get to Bianca's or My house with the GPS. About an hour and 35 minutes later we arrive across town at a familiar Hotel, I was 15 minutes away from Bianca's I'd crash there tonight. I went around to park and got the diaper bag, my purse, I got out the double stroller I keep in the back and put Junior and Khane in it. Junior was awake and hungry plus he needed a diaper change. I called Bianca to see if I could crash there but she was going with her family on vacation at around 10pm. I checked how much I had on me, I had about $250 on me, I went into the lobby and waited in line making silly faces for my baby. He kicked his legs and SMILED!!! Now this may not seem like a big deal but he hasn't been able to smile yet. I smiled at him so big my cheeks hurt. I was next in line. " Hello how are you today?" The clerk asked. "Hello, I'm good actually. I was wondering if I could get a room on the--" I looked at Khane, " Khane what's your favorite number?" I asked him. " Umm me wike 5 cuz it's my age!" " ok big man!" I smiled down at him. " Could I get a Medium room on the 5th floor?" I smiled sweetly at the clerk. She smiled and nodded, " That'll be $195.00 Hun" I pulled out my money and got my key and headed to the elevator. Suddenly I heard screaming and looked to the door to see a body guard walk in and five boys follow. "Khane sweetie, look. That's mommies favorite band. Maybe we can meet them soon. How do you like that?" I said pointing to the boys. Harry was watching me and saw the kids, I smiled shyly and waved. Khane giggled and waved also. Before I knew it Khane was unbuckling himself from the stroller. "KHANE!" He ran towards Harry. I ran to him with the stroller, now Junior was crying. "Khane baby. You can't run away from me like that!" He pouted, sticking out his lower lip. "Sowwy" he looked so cute. I pulled him in for a hug. I almost forgot I was in front of Harry Styles. " I am so sorry about that! He's never done that before! Please don't have him taken away!!" I pleaded. Harry smiled and his dimples were now showing. " Thats alright! He seems like a great kid!" He bent down to Khanes hight. " What's you name? I'm Harry." Khane smiled big. "Me Ka-Khane." He smiled back. "Nice to meet you Khane! How would you and your mommy like to come to see me later? We can play with my friends, Whaddaya say?" "Can we mommy? Pwease?" Khane smile was so big I couldn't say no to him. "Of course we can baby!" I looked at Harry," What time?" He smiled, "how about in an hour? Meet me on the 5th floor room 2B" I nodded and smiled, I was turning around when he said wait. I looked back, "What was your name?" I smiled. "It's Lexi. You can call me Lexi or Lex!" I walked to the elevator, still in shock that I was meeting One Direction. We got to our room,7A, and saw an amazing room. Khane got out of the stroller and ran around. He was so amazed by everything I just watched him with tears brimming my eyes. I closed the door and got what little we had settled down in the room. Khane was watching T.V. and i went to the bathroom to change Junior. I got him into a cute pair of overalls and a blue "suit." I call them suits, it underclothes for baby's but it doesn't go to the feet, it goes to where his diaper is and has three or four buttons. I got on his cute little blue socks and 'flew' him into the living room. The hotel room had two beds, a small kitchen, a medium living room, and a bathroom. I was letting Khane sleep in one bed and I'd sleep in another. I'd get the portable crib later. An hour was almost over so i grabbed juniors diaper bag, my purse and room key and carried Junior with one arm and held Khanes hand with my other. We made it to room 2B and I saw all the guys standing there. "Harry!!!" Khane ran towards Harry. "Hey big guy!" He smiled. "This is Louis, Zayn, Liam, & Niall" he introduced the boys. They all smiled at him. I was smiling at Junior and making noises and giving him raspberries and making silly faces. When I looked over back at them they were watching me smiling. " Sorry! Um I'm Lexi but you can call me Lex" I smiled at all of them. You guys can come into the room if your like. Niall opened the door and Khane ran in. "WHOA!!! Mommy they room is so bwig!" Khane ran around once again and we all went into the living room. Harry, Niall, and Me with Junior were on one couch. Zayn was with Liam on the smaller couch. "So are you their mother or sister?" Niall asked. " I'm their sister but our mother died of cancer after having Junior. Junior is my big man right here." I smiled at Junior making a face again. They all were laughing now "What?" I asked. "Yo-your face you made" Niall managed out. I laughed, " I gotta keep him entertained." After five minutes of their laughs they calmed down. Junior kept looking at Niall and smiling. Niall asked if he could hold him, I smiled and gave Junior to him. " Niall, did you know your the first man to hold him?" I smiled watching Junior grab his nose or a lock of his gorgeous blonde hair. Then I felt the tears start to form. No. I thought to myself. No No No Nononono. But it was to late a tear was falling and within seconds I was crying my eyes out. I felt Harry's arms around me, and I just cried into his chest. He stroked my hair softly and I stopped crying after a while. "Did I do something?" Niall asked, holding Junior asleep in his arms. I smiled at him, "No, its just my father beats me and won't touch Junior. No man has held him before, and he just looks so happy today, he smiled for the first time today." Suddenly I felt arms wrap around my waist. I tensed up and started shaking intensely. Khane then ran out of the bedroom into the living room. " What are you doing to mommy! " he yelled. And ran toward me. "Let go! She's hurt there!" Harry quickly let go and asked Liam to help him carry me to the bedroom. "Lexi, is it ok if we try and soothe the pain?" I heard Liam ask. The pain was getting more intense. A tear escaped and I nodded. I then felt my shirt being raised up closer to my face. "Oh my god....." Harry said, he went and closed the door. Liam got the first aid kit and warned me that I'd feel a cold ointment. I Relaxed a little and let Liam rub over the whip marks. My father would chain me downstairs and whip me for at least 20 minutes straight until he got bored and unchained me. "How did this happen?" Harry asked with worry and fear in his eyes. "He would whip me Harry...He..he is terrible but I have to stay for Junior, for Khain. I have almost enough money from work to get a nice apartment for me and the kids." I explained. "You all are staying with us, you'll finish tour with us and come to London. I want you to stay, I want to see Khane and Junior and..and you." I smiled at Harry the pain was vanishing and I knew that i could go. "Lex?" Liam asked. "I know this is a very personal question but have you had your period lately?" Liam asked. Now that I think of! I sat up slowly. "Not for about 2 & 1/5 months. Oh my.... What if I'm pregnant? Oh my god! Liam that explains why I've been getting sick in the morning and and gaining this belly fat. It's not fat, I could be pregnant! I could be pregnant..." I looked up grinning so big. "LIAM! I jumped up and hugged him. I may be pregnant! Wait. I can't live with you guys then. It'll be another baby, that means 3 kids and what if its twins? Or triplets? And I'll need to spend more money. Money. I have like none. " I stared at my stomach. "Could we go to get a test? Just us three?" I asked. Harry sat next to me and pulled me into him. He kissed the top of my head. "Of course love". We went to the shops and arrived at the hotel 45 short minutes later. I went into the bathroom and peed on the little stick thing. It was showing a pink plus sign. I grabbed the box and read the back, 'A blue negative symbol means you are not pregnant. A Pink plus sign means you are pregnant.' I walked out of the bathroom, " It's positive." I said hugging Harry. Later I took a hot shower and came out to see Khane sleep in the big bed, and Zayn holding Junior making the funny faces. "Hey." I said quietly. Zayn handed me Junior who was grinning a toothless grin. I kissed his nose and asked if I could make a bottle for him. Louis offered to feed him and i went to the car to get his crib. See I was gonna leave next month and had all the things I needed, which were extra clothes for us and food and toys to keep them entertained. I went to our room and laid out clothes for Khane and I. I set up the crib and walked back to the room 2B. I hugged all the boys and I felt attached to them already. I carried Khane back to the room, Louis was still feeding Junior. I took Junior back and grabbed my purse, key and diaperbag. Khane was still out and Junior was fast asleep after a diaper change and in his pj's. I sang him our Mommas song and kissed his forehead like I always have. The kids were asleep and I was almost asleep when I heard a knock at the door. I got up to see who it was expecting Harry or one of the boys. But it was my 'Father'. I quickly slammed the door but he got his foot in just in time. "HARRY!!! LOUIS!!! SOMEONE!!!! PLEASE!!! HELP ME!! ANYONE!! ANYONE!!!" I screamed for help but he burst the door down and punched me in the jaw, next thing I know he's got a death grip on my neck. I gasped for air. "Mommas been waiting for you pretty girl!!" He said. I remember seeing Harry holding a frying pan and hitting my 'Father' on the head. I then blacked out.

*What will happen? Is she okay? Did it effect the baby? What will Harry do? What about the Kids? Find out by getting the story to 5 likes and 3 comments!(: * See you next chapter my lovelies. This is my first fanfic so can you give me tips?(: 

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