Don't waste time,Princess.(Luke brooks fanfic.)

"Into music?'' an thick Australian voice came from the door i could hear because i took off my headphones ,but i can't take them off for long i also can read lips so that helps .damn i left the door unlocked .i turn to notice the familiar face the one with incredibly big glasses. he's in one of my classes "my name is Luke " he said, so that's who he is. Luke. whatever .i got up and grabbed my guitar case and tried to slid pass him. but he took a hold of my arm .it brought up memories bad ones. i could hear the voices coming in . i looked up who the hell does he think he is and i shook his hand off my arm.
''what?!'' i said "sorry " he said ,fixing his glasses "are you Kai?" "yes why?"
"im your partner "Luke said .i really don't care who you are just move.i thought "whatever" i said i slid pass him but made sure i pushed him .
hard.he doesn't know what's coming .


1. KAI


    A/n: please don't give me hate this my first book on Luke brooks so help me out :) I'm sorry I've been out lately I'm here now ,hopefully. saving pierce will be on hold whether i continue that story or delete it cuz honestly  don't know what to do with it but yeah ... i hope you guys like this story thanks! :)  i know who the janoskians are ... lol i went to a concert  of them their so amazing up close (well a bit UP close SOME GIRLS PUSHED ,JEEZ ) but still that concert was really FUN!! ANYWAYS BACK TO THE STORY :D I'm turning 14 on aug 13 !!!

    Kai's p.o.v

      As i was about to go to sleep  i heard a beep "ughhh, WHY??!" i groaned(almost cried)   i notice my phone was on my dresser i  wanted to crawl all my way there yesh. I'm lazy.But i didn't this time .yeah i shouldn't do that anymore.....

*beep* "NO!!!!" i groaned i knew this routine i crawled out as i noticed  the phone was all the way on the other side of the room "OMG!WHY?" i tried to untangle myself out of the taco i made with blankets (sorry, i like to pretend I'm a human taco.) i i did try to un -tangle myself i  had a different idea "what if i..." i thought  , what if i rolled all the way there ? yeah! as i rolled my way down i hit the floor hard those blankets weren't thick enough! :( "owwww'' i said i just got up and wobbled all the way to the annoying phone i remebered i wads still in my blanket i shook it off i and just walked but oh.. lucky me  i tripped over it i fell face forward i hit my forehead "owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"
 i said   i got up holding my forehand trying to erase the bruise that will appear.  i walked over to where my stupid  phone is it  was in my dresser? i opened it up  i got the phone out"you're bad luck " i whispered to it  i answered the phone "see you  in 10 " my best friend Sam(those average cali boys who ride skateboards)   said

i heard her end the call i shut the dresser "owwwwwwwwwwwwww" i forget my finger was laying on it and i shut it on it  ." i really hate this day..... ugh " i  layed back on my bed  ow, my back hurtss....

*flashback over*

"yeah i shouldn't do that again......" i walked over to the washroom with my towel i took a shower i was done after 10 minutes then i got out washed my face, brushed my teeth. i did my make up just eyeliner and mascara

 i got out went to my room  and stared at my big blanket on  my bed  "you are evil " i said thinking back on last time    i walked over to my closet i chose black jeans , my band shirt and a leather jacket with my creepers(don't what they are search them up , their cool!) yeah you can say my style is punk , and emo whatever   i grabbed my back pack and went down stairs said hi to my mom

"hi sweetie i hope you enjoy your day " my mom said i nodded i got out of the house  where i saw sam he was walking up to me "good morning" he sad as he gave me a bagel i smiled "thanks, good morning" i said   i started eating it while i walked sam   rode  his skateboard  "i really hate  skateboards " i whispered  "i know you hate skate boards ,but you love me so you don't hate me!" sam said i smirked i knew for sure sam had this special power wear he can read  minds like that's amazing ! "yea sure!" i shouted he was a bit far " you love me " Sam said   i smiled  he walked back to me "so you enjoying your bagel?" "yup!it's good ,thanks" i took another bite i looked at him as he  watched me  i stared at his brown / blue eyesand can i say he had the most beautiful luscious brown hair ever!  "you okay? do u want a piece?" i said "umm. nooo -umm" he said "i know you want a piece .here" i took a piece and put it near his mouth "hahha i dont want " he said  "idc you seem pale so eat up" i said   as he was about to talk i shoved it in  his mouth "Kai!" said sam he ate it still "I'm gonna get u back " sam said  i ran  we were 1 block away from  school i could hear him on his skateboard i was near the entrance when i felt sams hand on my waist but i also fell  "watch out  loser" i remembered that voice   i looked up to see my bully ,chris patterson i hate him so much   i ignored him as sam held my arm and waist , he's  always going there "sorry i don't know where to put my hands on " sam said i blushed he heard me  "stop reading me" i said and laughed "yeah sorry" sam said "thanks " as i got up  we walked all the way down to my locker   talking about the bands that we adore i stopped at my locker "stay strong" sam said  i nodded and smiled he was about to leave when  i grabbed his arm  and gave him a hug i felt he didn't feel well today  he hugged me back arms around my waist ,it felt nice there  "u okay Kai?" sam said  i nodded "are u okay?" i said "of  course!" sam said "that's good" he stared at me for a bit  "what?" i said " i just feel bad, like  i should do something on your bullying " "it's fine,sam don't worry" i said  he smiled  "u  have a nice smile , sam u should smile more!" i said  "you have a nice mouth " sam said  huh? sam probably read me " i mean you can speak up use  your words kai!" sam said

"ohhh" i smiled  the bell rang  "okay i'm gonna go first .bye!" i said found it a bit awkward  and smiled  "wait come here "sam said he  hugged me "stay strong, my dinosaur " sam said  sometimes sam makes me cry "thanks my bird you too " as i was about to cry i patted his back "alright bye " i turned around

"bye!" i heard sam's voice fading as i ran to  my homeroom , sam was always there for me .always. i had no one else he  was such an awesome person . cute was what he was i took  a breath and entered  my class i walked all the way down the rows i always sat in the back  , don't know why i just did first class was arts/music  my favorite "alright class! how was your weekend ?" Mrs.Laura said "good" everyone responded  "bad"  i whispered  "why is that?" an thick Australian accent came  beside me i turned to look at who this person was as i did  the first thought  i noticed he had huge glasses and followed with  light   brown eyes  " we have a new transfer student "  mrs. Laura  said   i took attention to mrs .Laura then put my head phones on while putting my fav music (i'm a big fan of pierce the veil ,sleeping with sirens and one direction and lots more..:) i saw this transfer student go up  i  focused on a paper on my desk , and i had this serious problem on tapping my foot when listening  to music  (it's true...)  then this boy sat down back to his desk i felt movements  i didn't even realize i was drawing sam when  mrs. Laura came by  i took off my headphones "drawing of sam?" she said  "huh ?" i looked down " oh i guess so ha" i laughed she smiled and walked away  i put on my headphones again  i didn't really care Mrs. Laura  always  wrote lessons on  the  board  i looked at my picture wow this is sam ?do i like him...? what no ? ' you like me ' i heard sam's voice in my head i"stop reading me " i sent it back to him "i can't it's too interesting , you like me ?" sam said back i avoided it   i stared at all the people   getting up i looked at the board it says "project!" damn a project  i have to pick a partner or is it random omg great....wait  this problem right now i have to get my head straight    do i like sam ?i can't? "i think u do ,so u like me??"  "stop reading me" i smiled 

i went to the music room with my guitar i always  sing  and write  songs in there when i heard an thick  Australian accent "into music?"....huh?



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