Don't waste time,Princess.(Luke brooks fanfic.)

"Into music?'' an thick Australian voice came from the door i could hear because i took off my headphones ,but i can't take them off for long i also can read lips so that helps .damn i left the door unlocked .i turn to notice the familiar face the one with incredibly big glasses. he's in one of my classes "my name is Luke " he said, so that's who he is. Luke. whatever .i got up and grabbed my guitar case and tried to slid pass him. but he took a hold of my arm .it brought up memories bad ones. i could hear the voices coming in . i looked up who the hell does he think he is and i shook his hand off my arm.
''what?!'' i said "sorry " he said ,fixing his glasses "are you Kai?" "yes why?"
"im your partner "Luke said .i really don't care who you are just move.i thought "whatever" i said i slid pass him but made sure i pushed him .
hard.he doesn't know what's coming .



   i woke up  i got up and got ready  i got my headphones i ran down stairs "hi mom" i said

" hi sweetie , how are you ?" my mom said "I'm good, getting better" i said "well , I'm off"

"is sam walking you? " my mom said "idk , okay bye!" "good luck sweetie!"  i went out i know Sam would wait for me outside , but i didn't tell him my story I'll feel guilty i started to walk fast i put on my headphones on blast 

 i started walking when i felt someone touch my arm  i look back it's sam he had an confused face with a hint of pain

oh no

he knows.

i could read sam's lips .but not as clearly as Luke's it's scary...

i took off my headphones i don't get a lot of voices when im around sam i guess he's like a lucky charm

" Sam..?" i said


i  get ready for the tears and guilt and pain of losing my best--fri


"huh?" i said shaking my head

"why didn't you wait for me" Sam said

 "oh sorry , i didn't realize"

all sam did was smiled we started walking when sam asked"do you like me, Kai? be honest " sam looked at me with seriousness .

"no...i'm sorry" i said looking down

"so...then why..." sam said
"it was a misunderstanding , i thought i liked you , i mean you're cute and everything but your not for me , haah i don't think anyone is haha " i said

" well thanks , i know I'm cute"  my sam put his arm around my shoulders the bruise was there

"oww" i said

"huh?" sam said he looked at me and took his arm off "what?"


"let me see"

"huh?what there is nothing to see"


"no ,no hha it's fine"

"then what's that bruise?"

i freaked out when  im under pressure

"what bruise....?"

"don't be stupid , Chris did that didn't he?" Sam said  Sam had cold eyes

i didn't respond for a few moments

" answer ,Kai.." sam said

i nodded he was angry i could tell "what did he do to you!?"

" he, pushed me into a locker, but someone punched him in the face"


"luke my partner for the art project"

"ohh ..was it hard?? " sam said raising his eyebrow

"i didn't see  but it looked like it hurt a lot "

sam held his hand high i slapped his hand highfiving each other i could tell sam was satisfied

he was smirking

we walked to school i put my head phones on but i could hear  a bit of what sam was saying,  i saw chris and avoided him pulling sam into a different direction.

we walked to our lockers started talking when Luke passed by and said "hey" he smiled

i try best to avoid him, idk why i mean he punched chris out, he eventually walks away

"that's Luke?" sam said i nodded "ohh" sam said

the bell rings .

"okay bye!" i say to Sam "bye! Dino" Sam said i was walking to my class when i noticed Luke  talking to Chris

oh no.

"well , violence is not the answer especially on a girl when you're a boy " Luke said i took off my headphones

i could still read Luke lips FROM HERE  , how soft and full they looked like i could .... WTF I AM I DOING STOPP!!

"dude , c'mon she deserved it.."

WHAT !!!1  okay now  i reaaallllyyy want to punch this bitch . ughhh so close

" no Chris she didn't do  anything to you , did she?" i could hear his voice loud , strong and cold enough to make Chris wince

"ahhahaha" i whispered


" how do you know , you don't even  know her!" Chris said basically an inch away from  Luke's  face

and i saw Chris's hand clutching ready to throw a punch ...i was red and fuming

  " yeah , i don't know her, but I'm sure you took it beyond level it's not pretty...." Luke said

 i tried to hide a giggle

 now this time Luke went closer

"so stop messing around and grow up!" Luke sneered

"fuck you , I'll do what i want !" Chris yelled

 Chris hit Luke , but before Chris did that  luke  holded up his fist and said

"don't fucking dare touch me , or anyone" Luke hissed  i  swear when he said that i got we-- ew wtf was that omg lol it's sound hot.  :*

 i noticed he was walking to class which i had with him  i  turned around and ran to my class everyone's eyes were on me ..

 their probably wondering what the hell is this lion somewhat  running in  like her life was in danger and  getting caught by the principal for biting Chris

i wish i did that.

i wanna be a lion !

i  ignored the stares i looked at Mrs. Laura  ,she  nodded and understood , every teacher knows what i have  but i don't like  people treating me different. i got to my sit the only person that doesn't know is Sam , and i feel terrible not telling him for most of my childhood , i know he'll run away like the others did....

"oh yes, they ran, and ran from horrible you" the voice said i ignored it while Mrs. Laura wrote the  lesson on the board apparently we had to do a music project , so we (me&Luke) had to write a song based on interests on what we like and our relationship ...

Mrs. Laura wrote & wrote i noticed Luke coming in and   Mrs. Laura talking to him  i looked down but got interested on what they were talking about so i looked up and i read Luke's lips

Luke : "....sorry i had to take care of something "i read

Mrs. Laura nodded "...well working with Kai...u-umm well....

huh?wait w-what please don't tell. no.

"... just take care of her ."  phew yes!

"okay " Luke said and smiled she told him to go  back to his seat

 as he was coming i  went back to starring at my desk while listening to music. i turned to do something productive ,like getting a notebook out .yeah .

"why do u have headphones on were in class.." Luke said i could hear a bit of his voice i turned to stare at him but got lost in his beautiful light brown eyes. that glistened in the sun every minute and his curly hair and those glasses that slid off his nose a bit every 3 minutes . wow i'm a stalker.

"U-um Kai ?" i read '

"sorry what?" i said

" a-are you okay?"

i nodded turning back to my notebook

then a minute later i saw a piece of paper on my desk.


i read it

" i see you're busy.."

I'm not , just afraid

" i was wondering to work on this project we gotta  know each other well , perhaps come over to my house tonight?? if your not busy of course..."

the note ended i didn't know what to write back i mean i have to do this project , but I'm afraid

Afraid of losing Luke  (even though, i haven't really gotten to know him. but i felt as if we knew each other.)

so i sat there thinking on what to reply back ...

I'm sure my mom wouldn't approve of going to a boy's house for a project>>> more  like emphasis  ''project'' part if ya know what i mean  , but she'll except sam ... huh,

 and idk if i should let loose a lot the voices are back... idk


 SO i decided i would go for the sake of it ...

BUT i would run if i heard them again.


i replied back reaching in to leave the note on his desk when his hand went over  mine

 i felt a speed of electricity run through your body like when you adjust your volume on music and it goes up, up, until it shocks/scare you

 i looked up at him , my widen eyes  "i hope you said yes " i read

 noticing my shocked eyes he  cleared his throat   and let go and turned to the paper

i put my hand on my thigh still feeling the remaining i held as  it was on fire

 he passed me the paper as the bell rang i looked up as he  was standing in front of me 

he smiled he got closer and reached one of my headphones bud  and got close to my ear

"....-*breath*- goodbye,Kai..." he said in a husky voice i could he was smirking  that almost made me...

okay enough

he stood up straighter and waved  and left walking in a signature walk i call Luke's path-don't get-in-it.

i blushed harder i was probably the colour of  a rose by now

he did this to me.

 damn you!  Luke brooks. i knew by the note he left with where he lived even  if he was picking me up

 he wanted me to know

i quickly packed my things  when mes. Laura stopped me by the door i took off my headphones

"how are you doing lately?"

"good*lie* . how are you?"i said

"fine, thank you , so are you liking your partner??"

"yeah, Luke's fine" going back on what he did to me ,i blushed harder

"ooohhhh" Mrs. Laura  said

i could tell she was smirking um gross Laura!

i mean sometimes she acts like my cousin berry (short for embrely) <<wow

"not like that Laura!" i gave her a glare she put up her hands in protest

i laughed

she laughed

 i felt happier.

 i felt she felt happier.

 now i missed my dad. jeez

"alrigghtt -*laugh*- if you are not feeling well or it has come back or Anything , I'm always here for you " she gave me an sincere look

i knew i can't lie to Laura she'll come around eventually and  find her ways ..

i don't want that to happen

" well, I've been hearing voices but their not strong i CAN handle it!" i said sounding strong and determined

" oh, well trying taking the pills, effort and distract yourself, well-*looks at watch *- i gotta get going but  stay intact okayy ?"

 i nodded

it's impossible for me take the pills .

I'm a wussy

i got out of the room the hallways stacked  i went to my next class and wondered

 why did i get a spark with Luke  but i never did with sam....??

Luke did this to me.

 i wanna get him back,

but I'm afraid

shaking my head putting my headphones on , restoring my soul with music

i really miss my dad .


















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