Change A Life



2. Chapter 2

 The week seemed to go by so slowly and I was thankful, I wasn't ready for this camping trip at all and it scared me why I said yes. The boys never left me alone for the time being of coarse that was nothing new, I asked myself why where they invested into me. Was it for the fact I was new, or that I was violent when it came to many things. I would threaten them if they touched me because it felt weird they were always cold so I shivered at their touch. I kept my distance between curly and I for the fact he was the touchy one out of all of them. I knew he was looking for a startled reaction from me so he continued doing it. I could admit he was very cheeky and I liked that about him and he is very handsome but his personality ruined it. He was to physical towards me and every other girl in the school. He was the most fancied person in the whole school. So where the rest of the boys they are all very good looking lads but everyone thinks they are so sweet and perfect. Well they are far from that in reality, Niall was the sweetest when it was just him and I talking but when they boys came around he did a complete 180 degrees. The day finally came the blasted Friday I was not happy towards. My things were packed and ready to go I was glad to get out of this house but at the same I wasn't the happiest person because of who I am spending the days with. School passed by fast and then after school we would head straight to the country side of Cheshire. The car ride was smooth small talk was basically all the was happening at the moment. I looked out the window when Niall's voice asked a question.  

 "Jocelyn I know you don't fancy us barely as friends but why did you agree to go on the camping trip with us?"

"I-I don't know I was going to say no but something came over told me in my mind to say almost demanding it. Almost as if I don't have any control over my own mind and mouth." The boys exchanged glances and just went back to silence. Why where they acting so weird normally Louis and Harry would be talking, Zayn would be sleeping, Liam and Niall would be joking around. But instead they all seemed pissed off with each other. We finally reached our site where we would be staying for the next 3 days. I had to ask why they were acting like this so distance towards each other.

"Okay what the fuck you guys haven't talked in like 15 minutes which is not like you guys. Why are you all of the sudden silent as a mouse?" I was at a yelling point now.

"I don't know and can you stop yelling you really don't want me pissed off on the fist day here." Harry said with a firmness in his voice.

"Then fucking answer my question that all I really ask for."

"We are hungry that all it felt like we haven't had a good proper meal in forever." Liam said in a calming voice cutting off Harry before he could say. I just sat there in awkward silence what did they mean they where hungry they just ate before we left the school. The way the are acting wasn't adding up distant, pissed off, silent, and most of all angry. They are like girls who are PMS'ing it was getting on my nerves.

Once the tents was set up they didn't eat the food they brought they were complaining so bad that they were starving now they won't touch the food they bought. It was getting dark I was tired and wanted to go to bed.

"Okay you know what I am going to bed I am tired and I can't handle the tention going on right now so good night." That was the only thing I said before going to my tent I was half way asleep when I heard voices in the darkness.

"...why the hell did you make her come here if you knew...." 

" guys should be happy I br...." What are they talking about in the middle of the night. Then the irish broke out.

"Can the both of you shut the hell up so we can hunt and find Hazza he has been off his rockers and when he is hungry he becomes and a lion searching for a gazelle."

"Niall is right when he is around Jocelyn he can't control his thirst for her that’s why he is so distant so find him." What the hell is Louis talking about where is Harry!

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