Change A Life


1. Chapter 1

                                                    Hello, my name is Jocelyn I moved to England just about 3 months ago and these past months have been the craziest ever. I met 5 boys named Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis they are the only people I know at my new school because I don't talk much. Thats not the case with them they don't know how to shut up at times, I mean it gets somewhat annoying time to time but I can't control them. Which I wouldn't want to control them because they scare me. I don't know why but they really scare me it could be the way they look at me is almost caring but very mysterouis all at the same time. They all have the same colored eyes almost a topaz golden, they are very out going but I don't know.

                                                  Some how when I am talking to one they find their way to me almost like a flock of birds and a feeding nest. When ever a boy would look at me funny they would always end up to the rescue, it makes me feel helpless and I am not! Our break was coming up in a week and I was going to be home alone because my mom and dad always found work out of town hours away. So I would be the only one at the house which really it didn't scare me. School was a good way to get my mind off of things which is exactly where our story starts.It's a normal school day when I was suddenly startled when a husky voice was talking into my ear, I felt hot breath on my neck and hands on my hips.   "So what are you doing this break Jocey?"

                "Got damn it Harry stopp scaring me like that and get your hands off of me I don't know how many fucking times I have to tell you that!"I said through my teeth

                       "Woah that language is permitted around here young lady!" Said a strong Irish accent behind me then I knew that was Niall.

                       "Well if you guys stop popping out of nowhere than I wouldn't have to use it."
                              "Oh and Jocey did I mention how hot you look in your little outfit today." Harry said winking at me all I could do is roll me eyes. This was one of my favorite sweaters and my floral pattern shorts great now I feel like I should burn it.

"Will you guys stop hitting on her please she barely is getting used to around here and then you perves have to come around?" Liam softly spoke coming towards us.

"Yeah I mean she is my girl any way so Haz back off." Zayn said with a cocky look on his face. Now do you see what I mean its almost as they stalk my every move and when one comes around me they all seem to come around.

"Anyways the boys and I are not doing anything to crazy so we were wondering if you would like to go camping with us? Its only like 3 days and nothing else you can have tent all to yourself." Louis said appearing out of no when now they where all looking at me with lust full eyes.

"Fine but I don't want any funny stuff going on. No flirting with me Harry you got that I barely know you." He gave me a quick glance and then nodded why did I agree. I so badly wanted to reject them but I couldn't its like some one else was controlling my body and telling them the answer they were looking for.

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