Sting Sweet, Sodomy

Enslaved in a brothel, Kai a sociopathic young girl entertains her way through it, while finding her inner Dom.


5. Your Life in Paris




Thalliah runs from hell. Faster. Fucking run faster you bitch. Run fast, run hard, just fucking run! Cramps strikes her ribs mildly. Breathless, wheezing, wincing over in pain.

She hadn't realized how far she has run but nothing is familiar any longer. Trees, small highway roads, and two flicking street lights. Fuck. She hadn't thought about the consequences of returning the sucker punch mother gave her. She smiled but suddenly frowned. She left poor Kailee to slave in hell.

This is the first real time she has ever been away from her sister. Oh god, she felt hard guilt hit her while she remembers leaving behind her blood bonded best friend. Purse in hand she fondles the latch and pull out a few coins. A pay phone she thought. Have to find a pay phone.


She must have walked ten thousand miles before landing a workable phone. Tommy was the only person she really knew and he had always been so sweet to her. She drops in two quarters and dials.


Uh... Who is this?!” Tommy sounded paranoid.

Hey! Its Thalliah!” she responded.

Oh shit! Whats going on girl?”

She hesitated for a second and then proceed to explain, “Well crazy shit, my mom hit me and I punched her back and ran away. I am kinda on foot stuck on West Rd. and Beechnut right now.”


Oh okay?!” He shuddered a reply.

She then felt stupid and awkward.

Where are you exactly?” He asked

Her voice filled with hope, “At the Texaco station on West and Beechnut.”

Sketchy. I'll be there in 10.”

The line goes dead.


Thalliah was sitting on a curb when Tommy's sleek white maserati pulled up. He seemed to be alone. She smiled, waved and jumped in the passenger seat.

Hi!” She exclaims

He nods with a small smile. Awkward she thought. Looking out the window watching familiar places vanish.

You can crash at my place for a few days and I can talk to my aunt about work or something for you.”

She beamed, “Oh thank you so much Tommy! You saved my life. Now if only I can ask for one more favor?”

His face stern, “What?”

Kailee, my little sister as daringly innocent as a flower. I need to be with her.”

Tommy deep in thought for a second. Wasn't Aunt looking for a pure flesh? Innocent he repeats

He replied,”Everything will be taken care of. No worries Tha.”

Painstakingly, she just mingled with the damn Devil himself.



Tommy pulled into his parking garage in Midtown. 216 Park Avenue.

Thalliah tried to act proper but couldn't contain the excitement of luxury.

One of the wealthiest parts of Houston. 

"What the hell do you do to be living here?!" She blurted rudely. Mouth open and aghast.

"Family money." He smiles at her and quickly exits the SUV and opens her door properly.

Thalliah all goo googly eyed reached for his hands and spark. Magic. 


Tommy Xiang as in the Xiang Family. Xiang Triad.

The Xiang Family owned Chinatown Houston. Hell, more like Chinatown, Texas.

Restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, salons, auto shops and every business in between. 

(See also) Underage child prostitution, Human Trafficking, Heroin, Crystal Meth, Marijuana. 

Tommy is the eldest child and son of Xiang Leader "master" Xiang. His life is handed to him by daddy. Only presquitate is cold heart and love for family money. 

"Tommy you are heir to the Xiang family billions!" Benjamin always reminds him. 


Last month Benjamin needed to test his son. "Tommy, son the farm has lost it's showcard. I need a replacement. A virgin." 

Tommy wants to make his daddy proud so when Thalliah handed him her cute virgin sister he couldn't resist. 


He told Thalliah to rest and tomorrow we can drop a message off for kailee to pack. He will then drive her home and wait to hear from Homeland. 

Smitten she threw herself at him and he fucked her tired. She fell into deep sleep. Not even a tiny worry in the world. 


Thalliah is gullible, trusting and this is why mother scold her always. 

Next morning she gave Tommy an address and he said plan for Saturday. 

Thalliah grabbed an index card and started to scribble apologizes. Tommy advise to keep it short. Ask her if she wanted to come and give her a time/date.

"He really cares I suppose." Thalliah proceeded to wonder. Her mind shortly moved to a kid fantasy. 


Tommy and I married and world travelers. 

(Poof) back to reality. 

Thalliah's note said, "I am sorry, come with me? Saturday @2pm. Please reply quickly. "


Tommy pretend to care to look it over and shot her two thumbs up leaned over and kissed the butt of her nose. She blushes and melts. 

"Too fucking easy". Tommy tells himself.

Tommy took her to drop off card for Kailee. 

Ole Bait & Switch.

Master sucked in Kailee's loyalty to her sister with lies. Obvious, as the days unfolded to weeks, she mourned the lost of her baby sister. A hole started to grow where she missed Kailee's whispers and scent. 

Tommy, lavish playboy billionaire he is he takes on the challenge of swooping Thalliah off her air light feet so its unsuspected Kailee's missing. 


He easily woos Thalliah. Father frankly better appreciate this because this little teeny bop has started talking babies already. Maybe ill just experiment on the teen whore myself. 


"Oh sweet cakes??" He slick with words. Thalliah comes running over with puppy eyes.

"Yes Tommy?" Batting her eyelashes slowly. 


"Beaut, go to the private jet. We need to get you clothes." 

She beamed and as she walked towards the private jet her body suddenly lighter. 

So this is cloud 9. 


Thalliah already knew her soul wouldn't follow. She's too squared and scared. Too bad she could've, should've came to France. Thalliah fantasized of kings and queens. 

"Giddy girl", she thought. "I hope you are sleeping peacefully Kai. I miss you terribly!" 


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