Sting Sweet, Sodomy

Enslaved in a brothel, Kai a sociopathic young girl entertains her way through it, while finding her inner Dom.


7. Mother Mary Ma


She was confused. She knew Thalliah was reckless, immature, and the evil of the two, she couldn't understand or comprehend her little angel disappearing. It had to either be the work of the Devil or her sister's influence. 

She holds her breath through the thought of it being neither and she was kidnapped, raped, killed. All alone my baby Kailee. I press my lips together and rejoice for more prayer. 

After she has bled prays and tears it has reached almost 24 hours since the time she vanished. The cops are now more than willing to file a Police report and start a massive man search. The cops knew Mary Ma was borderline a narcissistic and her emotions she trained and kept together quite well. 

Police ask Mary Ma the standards. 

"Would Kailee run away?"


"Who are Kailee's friends?" 

"I am her only friend!"

"Do you think she is with her sister?"

"No that girl is pure evil, my little Kailee is smart and good.She wouldn't desert her Mother like this!"

Then Mother Mary Ma got overly dramatic and threw her sobbing body to the cement. Kicking and thrashing around. For a split second she looked like an endangered water mammal. But EMT and Cops quickly stepped in and she ended up being sedated the entire 23 days of the man hunt.


Mary Ma's actions and delusions started to go south. Advancing everyday. She had to be filed as a decision of the ward of the state. She often mumble things on Jesus and you'd catch her jumping up and down the streets. 

Her health plumped and now the decision of the state is to treat her and keep her at St. Claire's. After a month there is no leads or known whereabouts. "Kai doesn't need cash but if she is working at a place I want to get it taken care of". I guess there isn't really any point of touching bees. 

Her fits are different and pretty bad. yeah that is why I told you mary that we only have certain out and stuff? 



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