Sting Sweet, Sodomy

Enslaved in a brothel, Kai a sociopathic young girl entertains her way through it, while finding her inner Dom.


2. Just an ordinary girl




My little one she bellows in Vietnamese. 

Kailee whines and moans, “Argh, OKAY MOM! I hear ya! GOD!” 

She's a typical teenager of 14. 

She rolls from her back on to her right side. Sharply open her eyes. She processes. "Blurry at first but my eyes focus."  Sigh. I should probably try and destroy or remove her bed, Thalliah that is. It makes me miss her painfully and I quickly try to focus on the unwanted school morning. 

Yes I am pissed. Mostly hurt. She deserted me. Left me to accompany an overly controlling Mother. Thalliah, please return safely and soon. I need you more then you know. I miss your shadow next to me at night. I am in pieces and sadly all fucking alone. 

Drag myself past her bed and into the closest. Grumbling to myself I reach for her sweater and tug it recklessly over my head. Because of you she took away my the house keys, thus locking me into the house after school. All windows are bolted shut. Front and back doors double bolted so you would need a key to open and lock from inside out. At least one of us is a free blackbird. I will fuck up your favorite sweater for abandoning me. I will fucking tear it up.


Brush, Pack. Go.


I get to school and fragrantly scan the yard for her. She may com to school. Doubt it. My Thalliah no more. Smh. I stand alone. Head down and far from the Asian mean girls and the valley white girls. I neath no hurt nor pain today. I duck and avoid. I have perfected becoming background noise. 


Ring. Ring. 


Last bell of the day, of the week actually. I can't help feeling fuzzy and empty. Odd combination of emotions. “Fucking great!” I mutter. I just realized I have an entire weekend locked in the house alone. 

I sigh.

Bastard Bitch mother took with her the computer keyboards and locked up the portable land line. I try to remember where Thalliah hid the spare phone. Only problem is mother canceled three way calling as well, therefore if she decides to be sneaky and call home. A busy signal will prove my rebellious nature and all hell will break loose. 


I get home and wait for mother to unlock the door and lock me back in. She of course hands me a long, unforgiving list of chores to complete by 7 o'clock this evening. 

The door slams and locks behind me. I methodically imagine a scenario in which the house catches fire. I am stuck to slowly burn alive. Locked from every window and door. She comes home and discovers the house burning and breaks down realizing she has sent me to my utterly painful death. 

Smh. I smile. I love the idea of guilt and regret haunting her. Slowly draining her of life because she decided to be psycho and controlling. 

My thoughts often occupy my mind. Vivid and bursting with color and emotions. Sadistic, painful sex. Sodomy, death, blood, bloody gore and suicide.  Over and over in my mind. I often wonder if I am a psychopath, but then I feel way too densely to be one. All of my sick, twisted daydreams are usually directed towards me. Thalliah says I am too chicken shit to ever prey. I wholeheartedly agree, dominate me baby. I am a pretend masochrist. Yes, only imaginary. 



Carry Bear:





and pack her things. 






I hated when she tried to be charming. Carry Bear. She doesn't even spell my name right. 

Cunt. It is spelled Kailee

Pack HER things.” I read out loud. My heart fell through my anus and I start to tear up. So certain she is gone forever. Doesn't even have heart to not touch her things hoping she will change her mind and come home. The bitch cannot even call her by her name. 

Mother is single. Working and supposedly raising two teenagers. 17 and 14. Mother is strict. No friends, no phones, no whorish make-up, short shirts and FUCK no to the male species. 

We must be proper ladies. I am cowardly and afraid of mother. Thalliah is not. 

Mother found coco colored lipstick in Thalliah's purse and she stole it, burned it and slapped Thalliah across her face, while exclaiming, “WHORE!” 

Thalliah responded by sucker punching mother in the jaw. She grabbed her purse and ran out of the house. 

The rest of the evening had been spent on runaway police reports and Catholic mass. Mother demanded I repent for Thalliah's sins. Instead I spent the evening kneeling and cursing God for my shit life. 


Cunt is almost home and I finish with all slavery chores but the last. I refuse to pack her things. I need her presence. Even if only pretend. She is my best friend and my sister. We did everything together. Bathe for hours. Shared secrets and souls. Blood bonded and never apart. Except for now. 

Once a few years ago Thalliah and I had a huge fight.  Thalliah wanted to move into a separate room. I fought her tears and blood. Finally, told her I would kill myself if she did. She beamed. Her lips curl devilishly and she said, “You'd slit your fucking wrist because I am moving across the hall?” 

She made it sound so silly and I turned bright red. Embarrassed but I replied, “YES!”. 

Thalliah knew I needed her. I am a lost, suicidal soul without her. She is the stone and strength I could never be. 

I drag myself slowly towards our room. I stop mid doorway. My eyes swollen from emotion, scanning the walls. I must have stood there for 45 minutes not realizing it, because mother has just came through the front door and shouted a monotone “Ma is home!” 

I quickly dried my eyes and without thought slammed the room door, threw myself upon her bed and buried my face into her pillow. 


I woke up dizzy, stuffy and swollen. Mother cunt ignored the door slam and it takes me by surprise. It is dark and eerily quite. Time 3:33AM. I smile. The hour of the devil. Suppose he'll take me away to hell and make me his sex slave.  I'd like to suffer by the hands of him. Smoke swirls to an image bubble.  A black round marble slab with me bound to it. Ball gag in my mouth and fresh shallow cuts on my inner thighs. I am now at ease. 


Ping! My pants are wet and I would like for Kailee to try and get some somber sleep like a baby. 


Hmp?” I turn my head, still in deep thought but quickly snap out of it when Ping rings from the window. I race over and open the blinds. Look down and its Thalliah. 

I cannot open the window because mother has them nailed shut. Under mother's dragon lawn figures she places a note. She blows a kiss and poof she gone. 


It creeps up to me pulling at my ear, laughing in my face. I have no fucking way of getting that note tonight. Thalliah knew Saturdays are garden tending days for chores. I hurry back into her bed, grasping her pillow so hard, so close to me. I fall into fantasy once more. This time I am walking along a highway and I get picked up by a rapist. Hwy 610 serial rapist and monster. He slides behind me gracefully. Chloroform soaked handkerchief over my mouth. Hog ties me and slowly drags me into a shed along side the freeway.  Intravenously drugs me with Crystal Meth so I am wide awake. Feeling every lasting pain, while he slowly dismembers me piece by piece. His face changes with emotion and I can she a hard budge in his pants starting to form. I crackle in laughter and enjoy the thought of being his most pleasurable victim.  Scene for scene I try my best to pleasure him. He pulls off my final limb, my left leg and pulls out his rock hard throbbing cock and releases himself all over me. 

Snapshot of his “O” face lingers in my mind as I wake up and it is 2 in the afternoon. SHIT! She didn't wake me? What the fuck is going on? I throw on fresh clothes and run down stairs. Note stuck to the front door. 



Water garden

garage door remains unlock

Will be home past midnight, don't wait up.


I wonder where she is going? Probably to Church, then I smirk. Shook my head and dismissed the thought of her meeting a man. 

I rush through the garage past the yard and right up to the dragon. Nervously I lift and there it is. Small white index card.



I mean not to desert you. I want you with me, however at this moment it is not possible. Give me a week and I will come back for you. Be ready Saturday at 2PM. I promise I will come rescue you!






I beam. Hold the index close. Hiding it in between my breast. I walk deep in thought across the lawn and back into the house. Forgetting the damned chores. 

I rebel! 

I refuse! 

I react...


My cheeks ache from contempt. The moment I place the index card on the stove to watch it burn to ashes, an alter ego suddenly swept over and timid Karrie was locked away. Leaving ruthless Kai.  I search for the missing phone and find it in the attic hiding. Plug it in I call the person I know with a car, asked him, yes. HIM. To come over. Grabbed my cupcake bank and my goods and off to the pawn shop. 







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