Sting Sweet, Sodomy

Enslaved in a brothel, Kai a sociopathic young girl entertains her way through it, while finding her inner Dom.


6. Its Raining Amputees

"Argh" Kailee picks her head up and slime sticks to her cheek. She never asks for the day or time. She cares not as long as she is slaving in this shit hole. 

Time for my smack. "Mute!" She roars. Tiny feet quickly shuffle to her door. "I want two shots of each and a hot bath drawn." Obnoxiously snaps her fingers and it comes together. 


Madame and Master allows her a servant. Not like the regular working girls. 

Kailee has become a starlet. 

Natural born whore. 


After all she has made a name for herself by putting her all into a gig. Fucking A! Anyone who has half a talent to bulldoze through 30 clients a night deserves it. 


Kai laughs. "I am a natural born whore?" She sings to herself as she soaks in the bath. I have no appointments until this evening so I am in no rush out of this tub. A distant memory tears it's way through my stone hard heart. Thalliah and I always took hours in the tub soaking, sharing secrets, telling stories while soaked in each others dead skin, scum and urine. Brings a massive rubbish smile to my face. Wait Kailee's or Kai's? 


Kai dominates as usual and pushes the traitor and sickly memories out quickly and starts in on a new act tonight. Her pussy warms; tingles and purrs. Enough gagging and bondage. I want spectacular horror and gore. Kai is a psychopath and a huge reason Kailee adapted the dominatrix. Kailee so soft, simple, and sweet needs protection. Kai, who prominently surfaces to protect little Kailee during work and always through the smack. 


Orgasms and gore..... I want to rip flesh and bathe in it. Kai grins, smirks, then grabs both needles and shoots. A euphoria of pins and needles slide through Kai's viens and her eyes roll slightly back. "Fucking great smack!"

Her thought process starts to rush by like snapshot photos. Hands, feet, legs, toes and fingers. each snapshot passes. Then it morphs into a video plot. Plan and Play. 

I want a sadistic amputee getting ass fucked by his own limb over and over until he cannot contain his liquid gold and explodes all over his mutilated limps. 

My smile increases full force. I am a sick, twisted slut. Even more proudly I repeat it over an over as I slide my fingers in both pussy and ass simultaneously. Over and over and fucking OVER again. I explode and cannot help but to moan so loud, mute girl trips over something in the other room. My entire body relaxes and I nod off. 

Argh, the water is chilly and I am prunes. In front of me Madame rushed by and I catch the hint quickly. "Damn. I must have really drifted off...." I Jumped out of the tub. A quick dramatic shriek to the cold air. I shake off excess water with a towel. Wiping quickly. I have barely enough time to shoot my dope and pig tie my tails today. 

I propped myself. I tied myself up bent backwards.

I am playing Kailee's role while she's tucked away in deep sleep. 


The third client walks in and my pink soft pussy is bent over exposed and he slips behind me as I whimper falsely. Faking being startled. This faceless creep is slow. He rubs his half teased cock in circles around my asshole.

30 seconds. 1 minute and 15 seconds. Two! I act out. 

Inching hard and harder I quickly flip and bend behind. Grabbing both balls in my mouth, juggling then nibbling, sucking, and moving. I am trying to slowly build momentum so  I can thrust my magic fingers up his rectum in a snap of my wrist and he sprays all over my face and pig tails and I make sure to giggle in his ear. BAM! Hard uncontrollable body thrusts shakes him to the floor and he passes out like a baby. 

Kai has that talent to fuck anyone silly. Anyone. 

Drooling is not acceptable on my pillow, so I reached down and slapped faceless one and faceless two. I flick my two fingers in a quick V shape motion and both men are now out of mind and sight. 

The night was a success once more. So successful that we opened at 6:30PM and Kai's appointment book was taken in 39 spots. It is now 9:27PM and they are all gone and satisfied. The other ordinaries are working still, boring grunts will probably be heard until half past 3 in the morning. Their average bookings are 8 -10 a day. Boring missionary plain Janes. 

I am serviced fruits and trays of food. I pick here and there. Only one thing on my mind. "Hey MUTE GIRL!" 

She scurries in with needles in hand and my face lights up. 




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