Sting Sweet, Sodomy

Enslaved in a brothel, Kai a sociopathic young girl entertains her way through it, while finding her inner Dom.


1. Hell, burns nicely

A dot? 

I blink twice.




No, can't be? This is hell. Sunlight cannot reach here. Ages it seems, could be a miscalculation but I haven't ever been so happy to touch the sun. The days warp and mash together. It has been quite awhile anyways.  I slowly lift my head closer, on to the magical, warm, glow. Beaming brightly. My eyes adjust so slow it forces me to squint. It warms and warms and ever so warm. I daydream I am on the beach. Hammock is hanging right under the Shack made of palm trees. The oh so delicate rays seeping through. Nearly dancing.  The warmth of rays touch my face and I smile. 




My door hits the wall hard. I have become so accustomed to it I don't even jump. Someone is impatient and horny. It annoys me, I am the Dom in this room. You WILL wait.

Abrupt, not unusual. I dare not peak, squeezing my eyelids tighter until tears start to form and fall. I allow Kailee to fade over and she proceed to fantasize. Creak. He topples over me and falls right behind me, spooning me. Slowly he wraps his arms around me, whilst smelling my right ear. He blocks the tiny rays, but I couldn't care. 


Blake Callahan

B L A K E 

Rolls smoothly off my tongue. My lacy white cotton panties start to moistenA beautiful name for the most merciful savior. Sometimes I go back and forth on hair color. Today you will be dark copper blonde. Five o'clock shadow. Obnoxiously emerald green soft eyes. Thin, pale lips so seductively sweet and soft. You smell me sweetly and I allow it. Ha! I bask in it. Nozzling my chin in warmth and affection. 

A long golden switch flips on and suddenly the mood grows dark, cold, shallow. I shiver. I try to keep my eyes closed, focused on Blake's everlasting beauty. He pulls me towards him gently. Then climbs on top, both hands on my shoulder and forces me facing him.

Straddling me.

Tight.  Just keep them shut tightly.  

I hate this position. The straddling proves almost too intimate. It makes me feel unsafe. Nearly impossible to keep Kailee's fantasy vivid. His funk so putrid I taste it deep in my throat.

I pull Kailee into a safe room and lock it.  

He smirks and lifts his right hand and slaps my cheeks rosy. My eyes burst open to find the devil staring right at me. He smiles. Leans down and sniffs me. I cringe. 


My eyes open ever so slowly but as soon as I realized my place, Kai the Dominatrix comes to play.

Blurry and faceless. 

I am so high its fucking lovely. 

"Look at me doll." He demands. "I like my little Asian sluts to watch me with admiration. You know you love watching me fuck you good, whore!"

His voice deepens, “Top dollar for your tight young twat. I want every inch of your sweet flesh.”

That was my cue for pretend time. My lips curl into a greedy smirk and Kai takes role. 

One body two completely different souls. Kailee, so innocent and young. She rarely comes out, too fragile. Kai, however mature, sexual, and very sadistic. Kai is a psychopath. A natural born Dominatrix. 

Two souls created for the sake of a child.

First time I cried when  Master shoved his half-hard erection inside of me. It took Kailee by surprise. Like piercing knives thrashing away at my flower. 

"You'll scare the customers!" He shouts. As his tobacco stained hands cover my mouth.

I muffle and sob. His fingers climb over my nostrils and I choke on my tears. 

Hard cheap liquor fumes between us as he breaths harder and harder.

I sobbed harder.  He hears it and thrusts himself inside deeper and violently. 

Choke. Sob. 

Harder and faster. 


His grunts haunt me. I smell and taste of metal. Pennies in a pouch. He rolls over and I reek of stale musk and copper. The pain is piercing and burning. I have to reach down with both hands and delicately embrace my once innocent sex. I try to close my eyes while I embrace. 

Then suddenly burning, hard thrusting jabs hit me four times on my left breast. Master takes his cigarette and punishes Kailee.

"Next time you'll learn to enjoy it!" 

 He repeated 4x times over 8 days and something snapped in Kailee and Kai was created. Another soul emerged from within and took over as Kailee the 14 year old child retreats in a safe room. Now there are 10 burn marks across my bare chest. Some new scabs. Other healing scars. Master needs me to learn my role. I pretend, but Kai never falls into submission. 

I fake a seductive smile at the man facing me. 

"Now, I want you to call me Daddy. Wait! BIG Daddy." 

Great one of those. Likes power, control, and thinks you should be begging for his massive wood to pleasure you for the first time in his life. Egotistic, unwanted, and mostly pathetic.  

I will play along nonchalantly.

"Oh, you so big daddy. I need you to give it to me!" I roar sarcastically in Kailee's play voice. 

I roll my empty eyes back as the rush of the smack runs through me. 

This fuck is really jack hammering me? His left hand grabbing my right breast so tightly my face wrinkles at the pain. I love it. His right index finger shoves itself dry & roughly. Cutting and stretching my asshole. I  opened my mouth  and allow my teeth to cramp down on his hand so hard he whimpers and pulls away. Slaps me and I laugh. 

Pain for fucking pain. 

His fingers rip through my asshole and cherry fluids pours from me. My pussy muscle spasms.Creating perfect kegels around his cock as he releases himself into me. 


His eyes roll back and I swear I heard a woman cry. He looks like he is going to fall onto me, crushing me with his weight. Staining me with his stink. I halt my palms out in front of me yet, his sweat and stink manages to overpower my malnutrition hands and for once Kai is weak. 


Crystal Meth. GHB. Coke. Crack. 


Master & Madame keeps me loaded like clock work. A nice healthy shot of uncut smack every 4-6 hours. I try to eat through the high but I seem to only slurp and drool it out. 

I giggle. I fucking love it!

I am thin. Grotesquely thin. Stuck in the body of Kailee. Kailee the child of 14 years old. I want to protect her. I have mostly dressed to the part. A young bashful temptress baby doll. Locked in a 6x6 room with no windows and a doubled locked door. You see I AM the Golden goose. Kai that is. The young, beautiful, innocent piece of meat to be tossed around, in and out, day and night for a massive amount of cash.

Pristine pussy. Tantalizing twat. Young and innocent and sweet.  

Today the gods have gifted Kailee with a few rays of light, but I have to keep her safely out of harms way.

Lovely, I have shot up more drugs today then I ever have before.. Perhaps I am slipping away into overdriveI am High and that's all that matters. 

I am a princess locked in a damp, dark dungeon. Kailee plays in her safe room. Help me Blake. Kai drifts into a deep sleep. Blake is here. He stands in front of Kailee smiling gracefully. She calls out. Utter silence. Why must you stand there Blake wearing nothing but that goofy smile and half ascended arms? Please save her soul. Save Kailee. 



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