Sting Sweet, Sodomy

Enslaved in a brothel, Kai a sociopathic young girl entertains her way through it, while finding her inner Dom.


4. Good Smack into Submisson

Kailee drifts away into comatose. She noticed she was visibly older, mature., controlled, very put together future me. I study her face and suddenly she stands and my soul is sucked into her. We walk together at first. She comforts me, protects me. I eventually just let her lead and I follow. 

Closer and closer to a black M6. Keys appear in my hands and I open the driver's door. Slid inside. Tap the brakes and press start. It roars and purrs harmoniously. Take it out of park and so smoothly I drove. Wait, none of these actions I noticed I was controlling. She was so comforting and warm I let go and from then on I let her lead. 

We drove for a while. Relaxed. I seem to familiarize myself  with the empty streets. 

I felt strong and confident. Kai had been in control and we turn left into a garage building. Park. Open door. Settle in. 

I dropped our keys into her lap and gave her my signal of full submission. "Don't worry babygirl. He will come back for his hat. "

Whom Blake? Kailee wondered. She smiled joy and contentment and just fell back into ecstasy


I hunch over my mattress. It lays so close to the floor. I release all the toxicity in me. Wipe my mouth with my damp sleeve. Alone. Drugged, probably been passed around and ganged banged by faceless Misters and royal Masters but Kai didn't care. More Smack  should ought to do the trick. 

Trickling full speed through my veins and I forget the room, the gang bangs, and drift away to the stars.

Morning? Noon? Night? It doesn't matter.

I reach down and touch my bare, sore labia. Head pounding, stomach grumbling. 


The door opens and it isn't a face I recognize. She's dainty, young. Well older than my body. Very bland face but sweet soft hands. 

She's quite. 

She washes me with sunflower scented soap. Delicately changes me. Dresses me. Hair and make-up. Pumped full of drugs and the goose of the night is ready!


Two days pass and I finally come down from my high. Her bland pale face is worthless. I had to tell her I hated her and to go the fuck away. Very loyal she is and she scrambles and darts out of sight. Door locked behind her.

Drugs lay sprawled all around me and I play chance and grab. I lay back and drift into pleasant hallucinations feud by uncut crystal meth and pure GHB.  Someone whispers sweet melodies in my ear. I mumble, "Blake?" 

"Yes, Queen."

I nozzle my face into his neck and smell. He belongs to Kailee but I suppose tonight we can share.

Oh musky heaven as I suck in his aroma. 

He moans and I have a sudden urge to ride his cock. 

My eyes still shut, I want to breathe him in. 

I lift myself up bare butt in air top hangs down draping over my left breast, exposing a part of my  pink kissed nipple. I force him inside. He barely fits. I feel every inch of him. I ride full speed and it burns. 

Pleasure. Pain. Almighty burning. I scream  and gush all over him.


I open my eyes and its another faceless Mister. 


Disappointed I had given my passion to a random. To another faceless fuck. 

I begin to tear up. Quickly hiding my face from Mister. I have to play pretend and force a laugh and smile, showing him my falsified pleasure. 

I needn’t not punished tonight. I will save the burning, cutting pleasure of Master's pains for my next shot of white china smack. 

I crawl off of him and flop to my side, fast falling asleep. I kick him gently and he leaves. 

I dream of sweet slumber sleep.


A rare moment of clarity washes over me. I have been high for Jesus only knows how long. 

A light knock takes me completely off guard and I ask softly who it is. The mute girl opens the door carefully. Her head down and she dares not stare or bring her eyes up to mines. Poor girl.


I turn my head and continue to sympathize the help.



I slept into the next day. Thirty six hours. I have no memories of faceless Mister's and as I hold on to that thought Madam knocks and slips in.

“Grand job for your first month! You can take Monday – Wednesday.” She continues, “that means 3 days off the third week of every month.”

I glaze up at Madame and all I can think of is small talk.

I close my eyes briefly and start to drift into a deep depression. I signal for Little miss mute and she lays me down and grooms me. Injects me. Medicates my lost soul.  I become blubber. 

Flopped aside my mattress. My lips become soaked with drool. I start to look forward to this. We will see before I give you any news Thalliah. No more secrets. I won't need pain pills or your goddamn pity. “I enjoy it.” Trying to persuade myself. I drop back into the stars and forget her fucking name.

Eyes closed and I start to hymn a familiar tune. So fucking high.

"You have lost me my dear bloody sister.”

“I am gone baby gone."


I went ahead and ordered. “Please back with half pepperoni and pineapple pizza?” I shouted back at my mute. My eyes are completely fucked and my tongue torn in two.

I went and had my hair recolor as well as my nails.” I explained to Madame. She nodded her head showing she improved of the touch ups.


My door cracked opened for the first time in weeks. Room completely furnished and tidy. The mattress had even been replaced. Fucking amazing I thought. I don't have to go to bed tonight with a lingering reminder of random, faceless fluids spewed all over. I hesitate, then called to my mute maid, “Please, tonight I would like to zone and fly. Have two ready after dinner.” After all, I thought I only get two days off a month. The rest I am a submissive, sex, doll.

Enslaved and locked away.

Mind, body, and half the soul I now lack.



Trust me, the past few days I have yearned to hold, kiss, touch, or feel any part of your skin. I am longing for your touch. Your lips against my Labia. My mouth slowly sucking at your fat, HARD, hulking penis. Perfection of the Gods. I mumble.


“Yes you dirty little slut!” barked in my ear and took me by utter surprise. Ah fuck! Mister faceless sincerely believes I desire him. I cringe in thought. HA! I am a bit ashamed I zonked out that far and shared Kailee with this faceless shit. Blake my forever lover, please forgive me for emotion and lust I only share with you.


Kailee is yours and yours and yours.


As I contemplate my plea to Blake. Kailee hides in the shadows and Kai pushed her ruthless, pain loving, sick self out with vengeance. Kai's lips curl in a sadistic cruel smirk, throws the faceless shit down and slowly brings hell's fiery out for a night.


He begs for her to touch him softly. Gagged and bound. She started with a whip. “Shut the fuck up pussy!” Kai shouts. Clearly annoyed and bored with this faceless cock.

He whimpers.

You want pleasure?”

He desperately nods and pleas.


I paused. Grabbed a needle filled with a mixture of uncut smack and Crystal Meth and stabbed his erected cock pushing every drop of toxic gold into him. His eyes bulge nearly out of its sockets and I grab him and suck my medicine clean of it.

I untie him.


Fucktard seems satisfied, high, and in love. I quickly grab his undergarments and shoes and force him out. He turned around, stared at Kai with hopeful teen lust.


“I will see you again tomorrow.” I laughed and said, “Double!” He shot back a stupid smile that is suppose to have some unspoken, untold inside joke behind it and disappeared.


I knock to be let out. Crawl into the shower, fucking high as fuck. I noticed that this was the first time I have ever dominated. I am merely a five foot, 98 pounds soak and wet, thin 14 years old child. Well Kailee is merely a child. Kai on the other hand is mature, graceful and emotionless.


Sociopath with mild mood behaviors that double as psychopathic. She wanted blood, guts, and all the fucking glory. She craved control and domination. The smack and endless supply of toxins doesn't slightly amount to crouching over a gagged and bound, helpless random and forcing his mouth open as you relieve yourself deep into his throat.


First domination session and she craves more! Harder, longer, bloodier. Kai wants it all. Kailee shines a cute smile at Kai and reminds her what shes really here for. The Lusty Little underage tight virgin twat, who fucks her daddy, blows her uncle, and bashfully winces at the oversized joysticks being shoved in every painfully tight orifice.


Who had I become?


Once thrilled with natural endorphins from running away from home, kidnapped and forced into child prostitution, forced to a 6x6 box, fed drugs continuously while practically being gang-banged. Punish and beaten. Incarcerated until debts are fully paid off. Kailee has been so fucked out of her mind that she became pain seeking, suicidal teenager who is mentally and emotionally sodomized for life.

Kailee is so fucking high on dope 24/7 she doesn't even have the time to think at all. Master rapes submission into her and Madam supplies the intoxicating day gang rapes. Soon enough Kailee is only going to be able to gurgle from her shit stained bed, her brain fried and cum soaked clothes.


Innocent, polite, mannerism spoken Kailee was immature but very well rounded for 14. She never expected to be bartered by her sister, constantly raped, beaten, burn, bruised and drugged. Kailee has trust, love, kindness and most importantly out going and happy. She did have some very vivid fantasies, however would only ponder not act upon.

Now oozing with constant smack, abandonment, defiled, abused, and enslaved she longs for pain, blood, uncut smack, and being sodomized weekly by Master.


Kailee wakes up after a double team session. She cried softly as she tries to sit herself up. Bum bleeding, cunt torn and stretched. She closes her eyes for a moment and Blake holds her tightly. He kisses her hurt. Hugs, holds, and wipes away the hurt. She opens her eyes and a tray has been placed in front of her. Warm tea, oxys, and a few Xanax bars. She crushes all of them together. Breaks it into two fat lines. Snorts every speckle and lays her head down.

It hits her quick, relaxed and the pain vanished. Too simple she thought. Grabs a razor and starts slicing her inner thighs. She watches the blood trickle down her smooth thin legs and she laughs, coughs, snorts and laughs.

The pain throbs between her... deep inside her.



Mute!” She moans and her voice cracks. “Give me my fucking smack!”



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