Multi - coloured Moon



1. Multi - coloured moon

Multi - coloured moon I want to be you,

I know you're lonely because I'm lonely too,

I can see your colours shining bright in the night,

why is it so hard for me to show what I'm like?


Multi - coloured moon I'm jealous of you,

You can see everything,

If only I could see what's important to me,

Then I wouldn't be sat on that tree. 


Multi - coloured moon I think I'm going insane,

There are hairs on my fingers but I can't complain,

The sky is dark. Just like my brain. 

Old friend help me be sane again.


Yes it's been a very long trip,

I'm not going to lie, I'm going to miss it,

remember me I'm here every night,

if you ever need a friend just look up at the sky.


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