This is my secret

Hi I'm Ariana and I have a secret that no one can know. I'm 17 years old and I live alone because my parents died a few years ago, it's been kind of hard but I manage. But this secret of mine will soon bring everything I ever worked for to ruin.


11. You Have Got to Be Kidding?!

~Flashback to 180 years ago~

"Haha catch me! Hahaha catch me Harry!" I yelled as we ran around the yard.  "Haha I'm going to get you Ari!" Harry yells as he chases after me, but it's a waste of time when I trip on the hem of my dress.  I hit the floor with a thud and the sound of my dress tearing.  I look up at Harry with blurry eyes when the tears start to fall, " WAHHHH! *hic* Wahhh!! *hic* *hic*"  I sat there and cried for a few minutes until Harry started to sing to me.

   I can hold my breath

   I can bite my tongue

   I can stay awake for days

   If that's what you want

   Be your number one

   I can fake a smile

   I can force a laugh

   I can dance and play the part

   If that's what you ask

   Give you all I am

   I can do it

   I can do it

   I can do it 

   But I'm only human

   And I bleed when I fall down

   I'm only human

   And I crash and I break down

   Your words in my head,

   Knives in my heart

   You build me up and then I fall apart

   I'm only human

When Harry finished singing he wipes his thumb over my cheek.  "See Ari there's only a little rip, nothing to worry about love."  Harry says with a big dimpled smile; that's always been my favorite thing about Harry, his smile.  It always made me feel happy when I was upset or lonely.  While staring at him I poke his dimples and we both end up in a fit of giggles.  "Harry! Ari! It's time to come back inside!"  My mom yells from the door,  "Ok!" We both yell at the same time.  "I bet if I beat you there you'll give me a kiss."  Harry says challengingly, "Fine, but if I win you're going to have to carry me everywhere you go."  "Deal!"  Harry says as he takes off running.  "H-Hey that's not fair Harry!"  I yell as I get up to run after him.  Of course Harry won, even without the head-start he would've beat me.  When I finally got to the door Harry was already waiting for me.  "Harry that was cheating!  So no kiss for you."  I say as I pout and look away, but I smile and look back to see Harry with wide sad eyes.  "I-I was just kidding Harry I was still going to kiss you."  I say quickly trying to reassure him.  He looks at me and gives me a big dimpled smile.  It would have been nice if everything would have stayed this nice, but things never work out.  As I was about to kiss him I heard a crash from inside and someone screaming.  I whimper and grab onto Harry's sleeve as he starts to open the door.  "A-Ari stay right here, okay? I'll be right back. So don't move alright, love?"  I nod my head quickly as Harry slowly walks into the house.  It's barely a minute when Harry comes running out and lifts me up and takes off into the forest.  "Stop him! He's getting away with the girl!" Is all I hear as we run deeper and deeper into the forest.  Harry trips over a tree stump and we both tumble to the ground.  "H-Harry? Wh-Who were those pe-people?"  I whisper with tears streaming down my face.  "It's ok Ari.  W-We're just playing a game of tag. Yeah, tag. So what I want you to do is run as fast as you can and if you hear anyone getting close I wan-no I need you to hide. But most of all do not look back, okay? No matter what you see or hear I need you to keep running. Do you understand?"  His words are frantic and he keeps looking behind, but I nod and kiss him before I take off running leaving a very sad, lonely, and courageous Harry behind me...   

~Back to reality~

"Ari? Ari?"  Harry says as he waves his hand in front of my face.  I look at him and I can't stop the tears from falling.  "Why? Why didn't you tell me?!? Why didn't you come with me..? I could've been better if you had just followed me! HARRY! You saw my mother die...didn't you...?" I scream at him and as my attempt to hurt him I start to bang my fists against his chest.  "Why are you just standing there!! Say something!"  I feel so weak right now and of course my knees give out from under me and luckily Harry catches me.  We slowly slide to the floor and Harry just holds me while I cry in his arms.  After a few more minutes I've stopped crying and Harry just sat there and rubbed small circles on my back.  "Harry?" My voice cracks, "Hmm?"  he hums softly, "I'm sorry for yelling at you and getting your shirt dirty."  I say quietly as I lift my head up to meet his eyes.  He looks down at me and says, "It's ok Ari. I have more shirts like this in my bag."  I nod and put my head on his shoulder when Louis walks in.  "Oh, sorry for interrupting."  "No it's ok Louis you weren't interrupting us." I say as I get up and wipe my face, but the look on Harry's face says otherwise.  He stays silent for a few moments until he speaks up, "Well I just wanted to tell you that Max just woke up."  The way he said it made me feel like something's wrong.  So I did what I do best, I rushed out and ran to Max.  "Max! Max are you alright?!?"  I say once I get to the room, "Yea I'm fine. Great actually, like I could stop a train kind of great."  No something's wrong.  She looks wrong. She's brighter than she should be and even more beautiful than when I first met her almost as if-"You have got to be kidding me!"  


A/N: OH MY GOOD LORD! Hahaha srry this took sooooooo long, but my writers block was like a freaking brick wall and I only had a plastic spoon to dig my way out!  ANYWAY!! I worked really hard on this so I hope it's to everyone's liking and I have a question for you guys: What would you sing to a crying four year old in the earlier situation?  Now I await your replies my dear comrades!! Anyway I love you guys so BYEEEE!

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