This is my secret

Hi I'm Ariana and I have a secret that no one can know. I'm 17 years old and I live alone because my parents died a few years ago, it's been kind of hard but I manage. But this secret of mine will soon bring everything I ever worked for to ruin.


10. What Am I?

Ari's pov:

 "Mommy where are we going" I said as we walked hand in hand,  "Oh nowhere special sweetie." She said, but as I stood there watching this scene unfold before me I knew what was going to happen next.  "Mommy look a dead bird," younger me said as she pointed to the trees.  Before my mom could look she had already taken off towards the dead bird.  "Sweetie, don't touch it, it isn't safe,"  my mom said as she ran towards younger me, but as soon as she got there it was too late.  "There we go Mr. bird all better."  She said as the bird flew away,  "Ariana! What have you done!?"  My mom yelled at younger me as she started to tear up.  "Wahhh I'm sorry mommy I just wanted the birdy to feel better... wahhh."  She wailed while being carried away from the scene. Then everything changed my parents were standing in front of me all bloody with missing limbs and half their faces gone.  "It's all your fault Ariana, you did this to us,"  they said in , but they kept saying it over and over again.  " i-it wasn't my fault I-I d-didn't me-mean for th-this to ha-happen!" I cried as they came closer to me saying that it was my fault that they died, that's when I realized I was screaming louder than I've ever screamed before.

~Back to reality~

"AHHHHHHHH!" I screamed as I fell to the floor with a thud.  When I got up to see the damage, everything was shattered from the glass to the furniture, but every living thing in the room was now bleeding from the ears.  "Oh God..oh God....did I? No I couldn't have, could I?"  I questioned myself when something started to move.  "T-Tu canis sum!"  it roared in some weird language. "Percutiamque vos si minime ago!" the Angel screamed in Latin I think, no scratch that it was Latin and I understood it. I have never taken the language in all the years that I have been alive not once have I heard someone speak it or at least speak it.  The Angel then proceeded to run out the window with a crash. "Ari, Ari!!" I hear Niall shout, "Ugh...are you ok?!" As I look over at him I can see that his ears are bleeding and so is his nose. "No stay back I don't want to hurt you!" I yell and he stops moving, but then he starts to come towards me practically running when he stops again. "Niall what are you staring at?" I say not even trying to hide the fear in my voice.  "Ari...since when did you get a tattoo? And since when did you grow wings?And, and, and....?" He says as he touches my face then something on my back. When Niall's done touching me, I scramble to get up and look in a mirror. What I see is the most beautiful yet terrifying image. The tattoo on my face looks Celtic and travels along my face down my neck, arm, and somewhat across my back.  From what I can see it travels along my wings, which are a beautiful blackish blue color because of the tattoo.  My wings seem to be about fifteen feet long, which I find disturbing. I jump when Louis touches my wings and says, "They're beautiful. I've never seen wings like this before."  That's when I notice Max is still on the floor, unmoving.  I rush over to her screaming, "Max! Max! Come on Max wake up. Wake up!"  Then I felt it, I was healing Max again. But this time I could see the power; to be honest it was mesmerizing. It looked blue yet orange, also purple and green. The power went inside Max for what seemed like forever when her eyes fluttered open, "Hey what'd I miss?"  "Oh Max! I thought you wouldn't wake up so, I-I healed you an-and this happened>" I said tears streaming down my face. I sat there crying for almost an hour with everyone trying to calm me down, but I could feel the tension between the five boys as if they weren't telling me something which in return made me cry even more. After the tears were gone I helped Max to a room so she could rest. "Alright boys she's asleep. Also, who would like to share what I missed while I was out." I said as casually as I could.  The five boys looked from one another glared and then turned back to me. Harry was the first to speak up, "Well, you see-" "Nothing happened really." Zayn interrupted quickly and they all nodded their heads yes. "Is that true? Harry?" I asked slowly 'cause poor little Harry is a terrible liar. He looks at me then averts his eyes with a small nod. Still not satisfied with my answer I continue, "Now Harry, you and I both know that you aren't a very good liar. So, just tell me what happened and I'll cuddle with you for the rest of the time I'm with you guys or you won't ever get the chance to cuddle with me."  A little harsh, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do.  Harry looked ready to cry, so I walked over and I petted his head whispering softly so only he could hear, "It's ok Harry. I'll still cuddle with so please, just tell me."  And with that he looked at me and dragged me to room locking the door behind him. Then he does the weirdest thing, he hugs me whispering, "I've missed you missed you so much Ari."  But it wasn't actually said, it was said through my mind which pretty much summed up why the voice was familiar. It was Harry this whole time and I don't see how I couldn't hear the similarities between the two. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you mean you've missed me? We only just met a few days ago?!"  I yelled panic tainting my voice. "It's alright I'll show." Harry says reaching for my head when everything goes black.    


A/N: ok this was very hard to write without giving up the other Angel in the band, but, but I did my very best and I hoped you guys liked it if you did comment if ya'll gots suggestions an what not and yea that's about it k bye love you


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