This is my secret

Hi I'm Ariana and I have a secret that no one can know. I'm 17 years old and I live alone because my parents died a few years ago, it's been kind of hard but I manage. But this secret of mine will soon bring everything I ever worked for to ruin.


7. The Date that Could Ruin Lives

  Harry's p.o.v (WHOA!):

  I can't believe that Louis forgot, this was our first day off and he chose to do it by going to meet someone.  I mean as long as it's not... nevermind it wouldn't matter anyway, Louis doesn't even care about her anyway so whatever it wont affect me, right?  "Harry? you-who you there?" Zayn said kind of annoyed, "Yeah, what is it?"  "Me and Niall are going out into town would you like to go?"  I thought for a moment, did I really want to go out today? yes I do because this is my chance to spy on Louis and the little outing that he's having.  "Yes, when are we leaving?!"  "Whoa calm down there mate, we leave in five." I turn on my heel as soon he said that and with the biggest grin on my face I run to my room.  Time to get ready.

  Ari's p.o.v:

  As I answer the phone I can't help but smile really big, cause I mean c'mon it's Louis Tomlinson how can you not be excited.

  L: Hey, Ari we're still meeting at Starbucks right?

  A: Yeah don't worry, so meet you there in five?

  L: Yeah, meet you there bye Ari

  A: Bye Louis

  After that short conversation I called Max back right away. I mean she's my best friend I want to tell her everything.

  M: Hello?

  A: Hey Max you'll never guess what has happened these past few days!

  M: Did you magically grow wings.  Haha!

  A: Ha ha very funny, but no Louis Tomlinson asked me to hang with him at Starbucks today!

  M: What?! No way!

  A: Yeah I'm meeting him in a few minutes

  M: Well I don't want to hold you any longer than I have to, so have fun on.... should I call this a date?

  A: No!! It's not a date we're just going to talk and hang out that's all

  M: Alright, alright don't get your knickers in a twist, anyway have fun bye love

  A: Love you, too

I felt like there was something off about Max today, but I didn't have the courage to ask what it was.  As soon as I got to Starbucks I could see Louis waiting outside.  "Sorry I'm late, I hope you didn't wait for to long." I said a little nervous, "No it's fine I just got here."  He sounded exactly as I imagined he would in person.  As we walked into Starbucks all eyes were on us.  "Louis I think everyone is staring at us."  "Well of course love I am Louis Tomlinson and besides it's not like they're going to pounce or an--- he was soon interrupted by a girl who looked about twelve screaming "Oh my God!! It's Louis.  Louis follow me on twitter, please?"  "Um... sure I guess, what's your twitter love?"  He sounded so uncomfortable that I started giggling when the little girl came up and pushed me out of the way saying, "He's mine so if you would kindly back the fuck off that would be nice."  I stood there shocked.  I know this twelve year did not just tell me to fuck off.  I opened my mouth to say something when Louis spoke up, "You know what I'd rather set myself on fire than talk to a rude little girl that thinks she has a chance, so let's go Ariana."  The look on her face was priceless, as we left I failed to realize that Louis and I were holding hands.  "Um..uh..Louis?" I said pointing to my hand as we slowed to a walk.  "Oh uhm...sorry I didn't mean to take your hand it was just the little girl and then what I said and...."  He trailed off, but he didn't react in time for me to see him blushing.  When he noticed I saw him blushing he quickly turned around and stuck out his hand and I gladly took it. "Let's go to another place yeah?"  He said still with a slight blush on his face when all of a sudden there was a flash of light and then everything stopped moving.  "Louis what happened? Louis?"  That's when I saw the most terrifying thing, there were Angels surrounding me, but the worst thing was that they had Louis by the neck.  "LOUIS!"  I screamed as I ran towards them.  "I will slit his throat if you come any closer!"  The Angel holding Louis said his voice booming.  "Please don't hurt him, I'll do anything, please."  I begged close to tears, that's when something happened faster than I could comprehend.  Louis started moving and he sprouted wings then he cut the wings off of the Angel holding him with a sword of fire.  The Angel screamed a blood crudling scream and fell to the ground with a thud.  Then Louis seemed to have been everywhere he killed almost every Angel until I screamed, "Louis stop, please."  I was already crying at this point and that's when Louis came to the realization that I actually was crying he then dropped the Angel and looked around himself.  "Ari, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry."  He kept repeating that over and over again like he was a broken record.  I slowly walked over to him when I noticed people were watching then someone screamed.  "It seems that the barrier disappeared and I think someone died because it did"  I said ever so quiet,  I looked at Louis and grabbed his hand and ran that's when I noticed a mop of curls hiding in an alley.  "Harry?"  Louis said with confusion and tiredness mixed in his voice.  "Louis I thought you were with Eleanor so I went with Zayn and Niall, but I lost them while I was looking for you and..."  He trailed off as he noticed what Louis looked like.  Then everything went black and the last thing I remember was the worried look on Louis' face and after that nothing. 


A/N: Hey guys sorry about the story coming out before it was finished but my mom kept rushing me and shit happened and yea.  But I updated and, oh my Jesus this thing took forever to type so I hope you guys like oh and I want you guys to vote on who you want the other Angel in One Direction to be and who ever has the most votes wins so just remember k bye love you


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