This is my secret

Hi I'm Ariana and I have a secret that no one can know. I'm 17 years old and I live alone because my parents died a few years ago, it's been kind of hard but I manage. But this secret of mine will soon bring everything I ever worked for to ruin.


4. The Concert and the Voice Becomes Louder

     The voices pov:

   I need to warn her about what's going to happen sooner or later Louis is going to realize that I've always know what I was, but was really good at hiding it than any other Angel.  The thing is my brother is Lucifer. Yeah I know the Morningstar, Satan, but he wasn't always like that until he fell in love with my mother and he also fell in love with Ariana's mother.  I know it sounds bad, but he really cared for us. But Ariana's mother turned out to be some other mystical creature other than an Angel, which both my parents are, she's half Angel half something else that I hope I can figure out before Louis finds her and kills her.  She is the one that I love with all my heart, and I cant let anything happen to her ever again.


    Ari's pov:

   The voice got louder the closer we came to the concert.  I really hope that I can find this voice and ask why it's in my head.  Hopefully, just hopefully it'll go away once I get to the concert because I mean it said I was the one it loved.  I know it sounds crazy, but the voice sounds really familiar to me like I've heard it before when I was younger-- my train of thought is soon interrupted when Max starts screaming.  " Ari!!!!! we're here, we are finally here!" says Max so much excitement.  " Dude calm down once we get inside then you can freak out as much as you want, ok?" I say while giggling, I can't imagine not having her as a friend she's an awesome person. 


--once inside--

    " OMG!! I cant believe our seats are so close up.  This is going to be amazing!" says Max with so much excitement it looks like she could burst at any moment.  Now I'm not saying that I don't feel the same way, but something feels off, like really off.  I'm not sure what it is, but I've got a bad feeling that something's about to go down.  All of a sudden I feel someone poke my side, " Ahh! Max what the hell!"  I say with a bit of anger, but soon resides when I see her face.  She looks upset, terrified, angry, and for some odd reason a little bit happy.  " Ari... it's starting!" she says as if nothing had happened.  That's when I hear it the voice.  It was louder than the beat of the drum's that were playing louder than when the guitar started to play and louder than when Liam stared singing.  " It's her, it's her, it's her.  Why... she listen to me,...going to find her...I... be able to...anything when he set's up...barrier... please go..NOW!!! RUN ARI, BEFORE HE GET'S YOU, RUN!!!"  Before anyone has time to react to what was just said aloud, I run like I've never run before.  With Max right on my heels we bolt for the car.  " Ari *gasp* did you *pant* hear what he just *gasp* said into the microphone?*gasp*"  " Yea, I can't believe *gasp* that he knows who *gasp* I am."  " DUDE! where the hell is the freaking car?!" Max says all in one breath, " I don't fucking know it should be right here?!"  I must have the most confused face on, but then it turn's into one that some will know very well, my face turn's from one that's pure confusion to one of complete horror.  As reality hit's like a punch to the gut, I realize someone put up a barrier around the stadium and I can't get out.  " Ari what's wrong?!"  Max sounds like a terrified little kid that just lost their mother in the park.  "........" " What did you say Ari?" I grab her shoulders roughly and say this in almost a whisper " We can't leave an Angel set up a barrier around us and we can't leave."  The look of horror pains me so much that I quickly hug her and whisper words that I know aren't real " It's ok everything is going to be just fine."  I repeat this trying so hard to convince her and myself at the same time, when out of no where there's a bright flash and the barrier's gone just like that except I'm still inside and everyone just looks dazed like they just came out of a dream.  " Max, did you see any of that?"  I question unsure whether it was real or just me.  " And by see you mean Niall's jump and Liam dancing behind Harry?"  " Yeah, that."  I'm still too horrified from what just happened.


 Louis' p.o.v

   " DAMN IT!! How the hell did she do that?!"  I'm so frustrated right now there was no way she could've done that without help, unless she's stronger than I thought.  " Hey Lou, are you ok? says Zayn with a look of concern. " Yea, I'm just peachy."  I say with enough sarcasm to stop a truck.  " If it bothers you that much why not just admit you'll never be able to see her, unless ya know you invite her somewhere or treat her differently than all the other fans. " That may be the best plan ever, thanks mate!"  I've never been this excited before in my life, but just you wait Ariana I'm going to kill you and there's nothing you can do to stop me


  A/N: Hey guy's sorry for not updating for a really long time. But I had to go to hell (school) now but I'll try to update as soon as possible k bye love you

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