Beatrice Lockwood is a 17 year old girl she is this girl nobody likes at school but loves her brother, she is always insulted and humiliated by the bully of school Justin bieber what happens when he falls for her and her life changes forever....................



bea's pov

Class was still on and i was still listening and beign by nerdy self while some people where making out by corners and some well like me i don't understand why the teacher didn't noticed.I heard the teacher call justin's name i faced his direction and the teacher was pointing to me oh no i hope he isn't coming my way,i was panicking and freaking out in my head not to make a scene or anything.He came over to me and sat right beside me, i was scared and i didn't talking to him at all so he decided to talk to me instead"hey..shawty"he whispered to me so the teacher won't here,"leave me alone, i don't won't to get caught and don't call me that"i almosy yelled,"hey you don't need to get fiesty nerd,oh yeah remember to call me later or else"he winked at me and hit my butt making me to escape a gasp from my mouth,i hit his hand which made him leave me, i shifted away from him and turned around to see him smirking at me(i hate it when he does that it makes me blush,why can't he just leave me alone and everything should go back to normal where no one talks to me but just insults me.


The boring class was still on and i wanted it to be over soon,i began talking and checking out babes in the class when i got caught by the teacher(damn i hate teachers)i was asked to move to another seat and when i saw the seat i was beign moved to it was close to that nerd geek girl,i wasn happy though(did i just say that)i sat next to her,i think she was scared because i saw her eyes and they were full with fear,she turned around not to face me and didn't say a word to me so i had to break the silence."hey..shawty"i said to her(actually whispered)because i knew it got her angry the first time i said it"leave me alone, i don't want to get caught and don't call me that"she almost yelled"don't need to get fiesty oh remeber to call me later or else"i winked at her and hit her butt which made her let out a gasp,she hit my hand then i let go then she moved away from me turned around to face me then i smirked at her and she blushed a little and i smiled she rolled her eyes and looked away,(this girl is really pretty)oh my God,did i just complement the most hated girl in school uh, i hate this,i hate this alot.


bea's pov

Finally class was over,i could not stand one more minute or second with that maniac,he kept getting me into trouble and for the first time i have detention and as if thats not all, he keeps insulting me and touching me, i taught he hated me so why does he just keep touching me and disturbing me to call him i hate this and i hate him alot.if thats how bullies are i hate to be one.I headed to my locker, got my books out into my bookbag and left the school(seniors are allowed to leave the school early after last period)i still had detention tomorrow after school,i called my brother to come pick me up after three rings he answered"hello"a crocky voice picked it up,"tom is that you?"i asked worrid pacing left and right looking aound for his car,"yeah it's me"he sounded like someone drunk"dude can you come pick me up i need to go home"i sounded scared as a lump began to grow in my throat."hey hey wats wrong,"

"nuthing ok,pls just come get me,where are u?"

"i'm infront of the college hall"

"ok, wait there am coming"i said beginning to cry while i ended the line.


"sis are u ok?"

"i'll explain at home just drop it ok please"i said removing my glasses to wipe out the tears strolling down my face.

"ok lets go"he streched out his arm welcoming me to a hug and i accepted and cried on his chest walking to his car.

The entire car ride was akward and silent,niether me nor tom spoke and anytime he tried to break the silence i don't try to answer or talk ,"i'm so stressed out today,i will talk at home after a long bath''i told him and we all agreed.



After class dorky ran out of class,she was even the first to leave the class,it was like she is avoiding me or something.after she left i followed her out of the class making sure she didn't see me.i saw her gathering her books into her bookbag and heading out of the school she was crying and calling someone(nut sure who)i was actually sorry for her(yes i feel sorry for her)it is official,i think i like this girl.I saw her entering the car with someone and i think its the most popular guy in school(well i'm the second)her brother,she got into the car and the car drove off,i tried to follow them but i was stopped by my girlfriend ashley(seriously i should dump her soon)"WHAT!!!"i yelled at her

"honey, remember our date this evening?"

"oh yeah i remember,what about it?"i spat through my teeth

"you're supposed to pick me up,or have you forgotten?''she almost slapped me

''NO,now leave me alone am thinking ok(about dumping you)"

''FINE''and with that she kissed me on the lips not allowing me to breath then she left me,gasping for breath(i'm sure dorky wouldn't do that to me)then i entered my car and drove off not even trying to bother about the date.


bea's pov

Finally i got home,i entered the house and ran inside my room without greeting my mum or waiting up for my brother,i'm just to pissed and i had a stressful day,i didn't want anymore trouble,anger began to build inside me as i slammed the door and dropped my bookbag on the floor,i took a hot bath soaking myself in the hotness of the water after my bath i put on my minnie mouse grey and red pjamas and my grey addidas ankle socks(it looked like this: 


i packed my hair in a side bun, laid down on my bed, got my books out to do homework as usual,puttimg on my pink reading glasses on. finally i finished that, went downstairs to greet my mom(i do really need to talk to her anyways)"hi mom"

''bea what's wrong?'' she asked as she poured me a plate of oat meal.

''mom you kmow what i'm facing in school right now right?''

''yes i know,what happened this time?''she asked worrid

''mom i think the most popular guy in school is either crushing on me or he is being mean to me"

"why do you say that"and with that i explained everything from the beginning of the day till i left school this afternoon.

''oh dearie i'm so sorry for you,high school can be really tough but you just have to face it to get to the toughest of situations''and with that the words entered my head,i thanked her finished up my oat and went to the sitting room to watch my reality shows(i watch the news in the morning),after watchins a whole season of k.u.w.t.k(keeping up with the kerdashians)i dozed off into a deep sleep,didn't even realise that tom wasn't in the house but i didn't care i just slept.


i felt someone carrying me,(it must be tom)i was taken up the stairs and into my room,i was put on the bed and tucked in then something soft hit my forehead,it was tom's lips kissing me goodnight.i felt safe and secure,thank God for my brother,if it wasn't for him after my so called dad left us i would be so forgotten and in danger,i love my brother so much,i really do.i didn't even bother calling that ass justin,let him do his worst tomorrow,i don't care.goodnight,i wish my dreams were so real.



I got home,took a shower not even bothering to do the messed up homework i was supposed to do,i'm suppose to take ashley out and i really didn't want to,she is so annoying,i am going to break up with this evening.she just a gold digger even if she is the captain of the cheerleading team or anything(i don't give a fuck about that)she is such a pain.


i got to her house,greeted her snobby parents and took her to the cheapest place i could think of(hey,i want to break up with her so why take her somewhere expensive)we got tables at the back and mn was that resturant crowdy.we ordered and she talked for a long time and i was getting fraustrated i wanted to get up and leave,but it was too late food was here.I checked my phone to see if dorky has called me yet but she hasn't,i checked through my messages but she didn't text:"oh men is she in for a big blow tomorrow"i gave a big grin on my face and ashley noticed

"what happened jay"

''STOP CALLING ME THAT''i hit the table making her jump

"ja-i mean justin,why did you do that"

''oh because--beacause i hate you,your'e just to snobby and you boast alot,you think you have command over me,well let me tell you something blondy,you are a bitch,you know what we are done''she just dropped her jaw and looked at me as i left the fucked up resturant.I entered my car and drove off,i went to the park(thats were i always go to do some thinking ever since my mom died and well my father....left me alone).sat on my ususal spot on the bench,closed my eyes and thought about dorky(Do i really like this girl or i took something)i laid back,took a deep breath then slept off,i was tired anyway.


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