here comes forever?(r5 fanfic)

When you dream about falling in love with your best friends brother and have them fall for you with out knowing it what would happin'. that is exactally whaat happens to Alexa but what would end up happening when Ross Lynch falls for her also.(okay i kinda suck at these but you should get the point. and i am still not the best speller but oh well. AND enjoy. comment what you think and this is still only my second story on here and third fanfic out there so im still kinda new. i am righting this off the top of my head for the most part so sorry about that.)


1. intro

Hey my name is Alexa. I live in L.A.. My best friend is Rydel. You may know her from R5. i have a slight crush on her brother Ross. he is two almost 3  years older then me. Or is it 3 almost 4. well anyway that makes me 15 .My birthday is in May . May 15 to be exact. 



*a/n* okay it well i get better i promise. and is it me or did that last 1 or 2 sentences sound a little 007(james bond) ish. incase you can't figure i out im talking about when says that his name is "Bond...James Bond". there is nothing in between thode two sentences just a pause which is why added them

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