here comes forever?(r5 fanfic)

When you dream about falling in love with your best friends brother and have them fall for you with out knowing it what would happin'. that is exactally whaat happens to Alexa but what would end up happening when Ross Lynch falls for her also.(okay i kinda suck at these but you should get the point. and i am still not the best speller but oh well. AND enjoy. comment what you think and this is still only my second story on here and third fanfic out there so im still kinda new. i am righting this off the top of my head for the most part so sorry about that.)


3. " I use to Romantizes."

Rydel's P.O.V.

" I have an idea of what we should set up for them" I texted Riker.

"What is it" He responded

"Think what do they both like?" i sent back

"music, duhh, but what does that have to do with anything. Ohhh wait i get it. Recording studio here we come."

"hahahahahahahahahahahahaha yes that is it."

Alexa's P.O.V.

Okay so i just got here and hey just landed. There drinks are in the car. Now to figure out what they set up. Hopefully it is for tomorrow because i'm on babysitting duty as soon as i get home. 

                                            (R= Rydel, A= Alexa)

A- het Delly what did you and Riker decide and can it be set for tomoorow because i have to babysit when i get home.

R- it had to planned for tomorrow and you guys are going to the recording studio.

A-this is the best you could do. Really Delly :\.

R- get there before him tomorrow at ten am. I will explain to you there. Riker is going to bring Ross tomorrow at 10:15.

A-okay i trust you guys on this decision

R- we see you so bye

A- i see you to so yeah byebyebye.


*****************************************Tomorrow at ten**************************************************

Alexa's P.O.V.

I arrived right as Rydel did. 

"prefect time chica." i said to her.

"yeah" she said back

She then discribed the plan to me. the plan was that when Ross walked in i was suppost to be singing "Ever After" by Mariana's Trench. Works for me,. We both love this song. Hopefully everything goes as plan It worked and he ended up singing "Only One " by Alex Band. One of my favorite songd. Like ever. An now we are going out. I think at least.

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