Vampire Direction

Three girls called Selena, Ariana and Taylor (NOT SELENA GOMEZ, ARIANA GRANDE AND TAYLOR SWIFT) are in a girl band called Peace. They're best friends with One Direction, Eleanor Calder and Little Mix, who turn out to be vampires. They turn Ariana, Selena and Taylor into vampires. Then what will happen in the battle against the enemies of vampires, werewolves?
**This book doesn't have anything to do with sex. Only contains fighting and there is a major battle at the end**


3. Chapter Three!

Perrie's P.O.V:

"Guys, we have to tell them TODAY!" I said. Me, the rest of Little Mix, 1D and Eleanor are having a debate on whether to tell Ari, Tay and Sel our little secret. Well, not little secret. More like BIGGEST SECRET OF ALL TIME!!!! Sorry, I exaggerate a lot sometimes.

"I don't know" Liam said.

"It would make things a lot easier for us. And anyways, don't you think it's a bit mean keeping secrets from our 3 best friends. Or in other words Liam, your other 2 best friends and your GIRLFRIEND!" Louis said, trying to be persuasive. It was all of us against the sensible ones (Liam, Harry, Jade).

"You know what, I think we should" Harry finally said.

"I agree with Harry" Jade added. Everyone turned to look at Liam, but not just any old look, we gave him the puppy eyes. He found it hard to resist.

"Okay, okay! Fine, we'll tell them. But we can't just randomly walk up to them and say 'we are vampires!'" Liam said, he had a point.

" I got it, here's what we do" Eleanor started, then told us her plan.

Taylor's P.O.V:

"Selena, give it back now!" I shouted, chasing Selena around our apartment. She had my diary, I write all my songs in there as well as all my personal things. Including notes that me and Harry wrote to each other when we were in class at school.

"Ariana, catch!" Selena yelled, before throwing my diary to Ariana. She caught it perfectly then ran to the kitchen sink.

"No, Ari don't please" I begged as her hand slowly crept towards the cold tap.

"Not until you give back Sel's picture of her and Niall" Ari said. Okay, I'm going to tell you the full story here.


I crept into Selena's room and searched through her diary for what I was looking for. As you all know, Niall and Selena are best friends, but Selena has a MAJOR crush on Niall and it just so magically happens that he likes her too. Selena and Niall both have a picture of the two of them together in the park, when they first met.

The three of us like to play pranks on each other and everyone else all the time, so I was gonna draw hearts around them and moustaches on them before putting the picture on Twitter. I know it's very mean, but I couldn't help it!

Then Selena came into her room to pack some stuff for the week-long-sleepover at Louis, Zayn and Harry's apartment.

"TAYLOR! You better give that picture back right this minute, you know how much it means to me!" Selena shouted. I just laughed and shook my head, she simply walked out of the room and came back with MY diary in her hands.

"I guess you won't be wanting this back then" Selena said and I stood up, then started chasing her around the apartment.

Flashback ended

"Fine" I sighed and handed back the picture, Sel gave me my diary and we all sat down on our couch in the living room.

*10 minutes later*

We were all laughing our heads off at something but I can't remember what it was. Selena was crying 'cause she was laughing that hard (Sel is the girl version of Niall. I'm surprised they're not related they are that similar!), Ariana was falling off of the couch and I was rolling around on the floor.

Then I heard a phone ringing, I actually managed to stop laughing and make my way over to the homephone.

(T = Taylor, H = Harry)

T: Hello?

H: Hey, Taylor

T: Hi Harry, you okay?

H: Yeah fine thanks, you?

T: Yeah, I'm good thanks. So what did you call for?

H: You do realise you should've been here 15 minutes ago?

T: Oh shit! Sorry, we had a little disaster going on over here and we were almost about to die of laughter

H: I know, I can hear Selena laughing like a hyena

T: Haha, lol

H: Lol. I just called to see if you were alright

T: Aww, that's sweet Hazza! Love you lots like jelly tots

H: Love you too! Don't tell the other girls this, but sorry if I act a bit strange

T: Uh, okay... I guess

H: Just forget about it. See you

T: Bye

H: Bye

*Phone call ended*

'Sorry if I act a bit strange'. What was he talking about? And he wants me to forget about it, straight away after he told me... I'll just forget about it, like Harry wanted me to.

"Come on guys, we're 15 minutes late to the week-long-sleepover!" I shouted. We all grabbed our stuff and ran out the door to Louis, Zayn and Harry's apartment.

We usually leave our front doors unlocked so that we can all go into each other's flats. So we walked in quietly, not wanting the others to hear us because we always start off with a film night. The films start whether everybody is there or not. We had to walk through the kitchen to go into the front room.

"Hang on guys, stop" I whispered as I looked through the little window that allows you to see into the living room. I literally froze where I stood. They were all drinking from big plastic bags filled with a red liquid. The liquid was to dark to be strawberry or cranberry juice, and it was too red to be a smoothie. I opened up the fridge and saw it was filled with the bags of red liquid.

I opened one up and told the girls to smell it. Once we had smelt the liquid, we dipped our finger in and tasted it. It smelled, and tasted like... blood. That's when I saw that Louis and Eleanor, Zayn and Perrie, Liam, Niall and Harry all had red eyes. This was getting weirder and weirder by the seco- hang on a second. They all had extra large fangs, could they be v-v-vam-p-pires? No, they can't. Vampires aren't real. They're probably playing a prank on us. But then again, where did they get the blood bags from?

"Right, what the fuck is going on?" I yelled as I stormed into the living room with the blood bag in my right hand, and my left hand on my hips. Selena and Ariana were behind me. Harry stood up and walked over to me, but he was so fast that he was a blur!

"Harry, what's going on" I asked again.

"Nothing's going on" He replied.

"Really? There are blood bags in the fridge, your eyes are red, you have fangs and you have the speed of a cheetah!" I listed, ticking off all of the things on my fingers.

"Nothing's going on" Harry said again, I could tell he was getting worried by his voice.

"Just tell me what is going on before I walk out of here and never speak to you again. I'm not joking, I mean it Harold Styles!" I said in a stern voice.

"Fine. What do you think we are?" Harry sighed.

"Not human" Selena replied.

"You're saying I'm not human?" Harry asked.

"I don't know, why don't you ask your four nipples that?" Ariana said. We all laughed except for Harry. Harry turned to the others and a loud, scary growling noise came from him. The others immediately backed off.

"You're right, we're not human. We're vampires" Harry said. My eyes went huge and I felt like I was scared of my own boyfriend and my best friends. Me, Sel and Ari immediately started walking backwards, very slowly.


Author's Note!:

Another chapter done *starts dancing*

Hope u guyz like it. I have something to ask u all!

In a couple more chapters time, I'm going to introduce the werewolves that will be in the battle against 1D, Little Mix, Eleanor, Selena, Taylor and Ariana.

5 of the enemies will be The Wanted, since they're One Direction's real enemies (kinda). Does anyone know who else they could all be against in the battle? Maybe Danielle Peazer could be trying to kill the others to get to Liam, (even though I actually think Danielle is amazing). If you would like to be a enemy, then please comment your name and which of the girls (El, Pez, Ari, Sel or Tay) you would like to be against. Thanks guys!

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