Vampire Direction

Three girls called Selena, Ariana and Taylor (NOT SELENA GOMEZ, ARIANA GRANDE AND TAYLOR SWIFT) are in a girl band called Peace. They're best friends with One Direction, Eleanor Calder and Little Mix, who turn out to be vampires. They turn Ariana, Selena and Taylor into vampires. Then what will happen in the battle against the enemies of vampires, werewolves?
**This book doesn't have anything to do with sex. Only contains fighting and there is a major battle at the end**


4. Author's Note

Okay, I just need to say a thank you to my best friend Jasmine Marshall for helping me with the characters. For the enemies we have:

*The Wanted (Max, Siva, Nathan, Tom and Jay)

*Caroline Flack

*Hannah Walker

*Danielle Peazer

*Taylor Swift

*Katie Smith (a random girl)




*The Wanted's family

The enemies will be werewolves (obviously) and there is gonna be some traitors. So that's all I wanted to say, but does anyone know who would hate Perrie? We need one more enemy, someone who loves Zayn but hates Perrie :)

Thanks guys! <3

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