it might sound weird but when im hurt physically and mentally i fade.... 16 years ago i was born but i didnt breath, i didnt cry, i didnt have a pulse. i was taken away from my parents, i was a still-born. just when everyone thought it was over 5 days later i came to life!


2. The words

*to this day*

If you have to know my parents died in the San fernando earthquake. My dad had just said goodnight to me when It, started my pictures fell of my wall and hit the ground. Me and my dad hid under my door frame, my mum screamed out for help and the last words my dad said to me was I'll be right back. I guess he lied. Just as my crystal heart they gave he hit the ground and smashed, the roof fell crushing my parents with it! I was only 14 and I had no other family. So I lived with my friend but of course I couldn't live there forever so when I was 15 I moved out I only had a small place as I only have a job at a diner to get money. Like every other kid I hate going to school but I still go, you would think being a kid on your own you wouldn't go to school but I want to pursue my dreams. I go everyday sometimes im late for class but oh well. My dream is to become a doctor so I can make sure that what happened to me never happens to anyone else! Every time I sleep the words replay in my mind and I have no way of stopping them. Every night the same old song, the same old curse.

*no ones p.o.v*

When she sleeps the words that were said on the day she came alive were spoken "every pain,heartbreak, cut or saw, will open the doors you will fade into the night. You will only return when the time is right it may take a second, a minuet, a month or a year you will not return until you're healed!" she vowed herself never to fall on love she lost a year when her parents died! You may ask why is she here now? Well she forgot or tried to anyway she still put flowers on their graves every birthday, christmas, mothers and fathers day and special occasions. She never forgot them she only forgot the pain. 

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