it might sound weird but when im hurt physically and mentally i fade.... 16 years ago i was born but i didnt breath, i didnt cry, i didnt have a pulse. i was taken away from my parents, i was a still-born. just when everyone thought it was over 5 days later i came to life!


1. Dead or alive?

I'll take you back to the day I was born it's nothing exciting but that was the day I was cursed...

*16 years ago*

"don't worry honey everything's going to be okay! Just keep breathing!" after a couple more pushes there came our beautiful daughter. But something didn't seem right "I..is she okay? I can't hear crying." I said. More and more nurses filled the room and took my baby away from me! "I'm sorry miss but were going to have to do some tests, your baby's going to be put into an incubator." the doctor told us "why...what's wrong!?" my husband asked "were so sorry but you have had a stillborn" everything went dead quiet I swallowed hard I blinked back tears I squoze my husbands hand so hard that I could tell it hurt him. I opened my mouth but no words came out. 

I remember for the next few days they kept checking up on me and my baby. I don't know why they kept checking her because she's dead. But apparently one of the nurses saw her twitch, but how? I mean it's been two days since it was declared that she was dead, so how did she see her twitch?! I know it sounds horrible but I gave up hope that my daughter would be alive. Day 3 passed and so did day 4 and still nothing! Some nurses kept me and David going, telling us not to give up hope. When day five rolled around a miracle happened it was the day of our final good bye to our daughter before she went 6 feet under! As I bent over to kiss her on her nose she sneezed! The world stopped at that moment! Her little eyes opened and she giggled! I smiled bigger than I have ever smiled before and David let out a laugh/sigh or relief and shock. Every nurse and doctor in the room had a wave of shock and joy wiped across their face. 

*no ones p.o.v*

That night as Hope slept, at around 2:45am a dark figure entered the incubation room they lent over Hope and whispered some words, and those word will haunt her for the rest of her life!

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