The Remedy

This a short play based on 'The Remedy' by Jason Mraz (link below).
It is about a series of interviews concerning the death of 15 year old Satan worshipper Annabel Cross.
This play has been written for the Self Belief competition, and I hope to have acheived my goal of taking a darker approach to the theme.
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1. The Remedy

*Note- the setting always stays the same with the officer in the same place, only the character he is talking to changes.*

Lights up

Police Officer is sat in a questioning room at a table with Olivia opposite; she is slumped over with tears in her eyes gripping at a tissue. There is a tape recorder on the table. It is dark and interrogating.

Officer This Interview commencing at 12:34 Wednesday 8th December, questioning Olivia Porter about the death of Miss Annabel Cross. So, Olivia, you were Anna’s best friend?

Olivia Well, I guess.

Officer You guess? You’re 15 year old girls, you have ‘girlfriends’, am I right?

Olivia We used to be. It all amounted to nothing in the end.

Officer So you fell out? (Produces notepad from his pocket and starts scribbling things down)

Olivia That’s not an intention to murder her! Stop writing! (Clearly paranoid she attempts to grab the notepad but the officer pulls it away)

Officer So when did Anna meet Olivia Mrs Cross?

Mrs Cross (Scowls intensely at the mention of Olivia) Olivia’s mum is American, she held an Independence Day party one year, we were both invited, I worked with Olivia’s mum you see, and their friendship was born on the fourth of July.

Officer You don’t approve of her?

Mrs Cross There’s no need to hurry when I’m making up my mind about someone, it took me several years to realise she wasn’t the best for my daughter. She proved me right not long ago. Anna dropped her as soon as she could, she found a new girl....

Olivia Haven. Haven Biggs. She’s a hot shot around town, well, the old part. But she’s such a freak!

Haven A freak? Who told you that officer? Olivia Porter?

Officer Why?

Olivia She has this...coven.

Haven We’re a group of healers. If something on the surface stings, we put a plaster on. But when we are aching on the inside, we just let it kill us, if you’ve got the poison I’ve got-

Olivia The remedy. She calls her twisted exorcisms remedies.

Haven We don’t cause harm. We just encourage self belief. If someone feels low about themselves, we say, “Who says that you deserve this, and what kind of god would serve this?”

Officer So you think God is the cause of this?

Mrs Cross When she started hanging round with, what’s her name? Haven. She changed a bit, but she just took control of her beliefs. Olivia came from a strict Catholic family; she shoved the bible down Anna’s throat. When she stopped seeing her, she found herself resentful of God, she would say things in her room, when she didn’t realise I was in the house, about Satan.

Olivia God had no choice but to abandon Anna! She worshipped Satan!

Haven We don’t worship Satan. We know he’s a part of us. He gives us the confidence to deal with the confusion of our own lives and the encouragement to believe in ourselves and conquer tragedy.  He proves that even if you turn off the sun, the energy that fed him, he’s still going to shine.

Officer When did you last see Anna?

Olivia (looks down at her lap when she plays with her nails and sighs deeply) the night she died. I know it sounds bad, but I didn’t kill her!

Haven The night it happened.

Mrs Cross When she left the house, the night she died.

Officer What were her last words to you?

Mrs Cross It was strange. She came into my room, I was curling my hair (breaks down crying) sorry, erm, she gave me a hug and before I could speak, she said “Mother I finally believe in myself, I know who I am what I have to do and where I belong, I won’t worry my life away.” Then she left.

Haven She said that I’d helped her, that the remedy worked. There was something she was in a hurry to do; it was to do with the alignment of the moon. She finally believed in herself, she knew what she had to do and now she was going to do it, she said she will no longer worry her life away.

Olivia That night I went to her house, something inside of me, a message from God told me she was in trouble. As I turned the street, she was leaving, so I followed her. (Bites her lip and tries not to cry) when she arrived in the old town, I knew where we were heading. I’d never been to Haven’s ‘base’ before, but the energy there was bad. She stayed for a while.

Haven We said a few rituals. That was all. They were just summoning spells, to summon the help we needed to fight our inner troubles, so we knew who we were, what our powers were, so we could believe in ourselves.

Olivia They were chanting and burning things, the candles would randomly all go out at the same time. There was some screaming, painful screaming. And when she left, her neck was slashed. But it didn’t seem to bother her. She just walked quickly, to a dark corner in this old park, and he was there.

Officer Dan Caller you’re here based on new evidence.

Dan (says nothing and stares at the officers neck)

Olivia They exchanged a few words, only brief, but I was too distant to hear anything. Then they set up candles and shapes of salt, a sort of star.

Haven It’s called a pentagram. I don’t know why she’d want to use one, unless it was for a...

Olivia He started to chant and they were holding hands, both sat on this star thing and that’s when I ran in, when I heard that word.

Haven Sacrifice.

Olivia Sacrifice.

Haven It all makes sense now. A sacrifice can only be valid if the person believes that they are the only person worthy. Self belief. She really believed it was her who could raise Satan.

Olivia But I stopped. Neither of them noticed I was there. They were engulfed by it. Then she...

Officer Then she what?

Olivia She fell. Dead. And he said, “That’s it, no more worry, shine the light Annabel.” And he laughed; laughed so hard that I ran away too scared to scream.

Officer It seems your ritual was responsible for her death.

Dan (quickly looks up from staring at his neck and bursts out laughing.) You’ve got to be joking love, they were a few words. I pressed down so hard on a pressure point, she passed out. She probably thought it was ‘the remedy running through her veins, the poison consuming her’ (he laughs again, harder this time) I chucked her in a bush, dabbed a bit of bleach on that slash on her throat, blocked her nose and mouth she was as good as dead in the morning.

Officer You let her believe it was something strong she was doing didn’t you?

Dan I didn’t say anything, she trusted me. Haven introduced us.

Haven It was Dan wasn’t it? He was the only one who would truly listen to her. He’s the only one who believed in her as much as she believed in herself. He was obsessed with her.

Dan I wasn’t obsessed, I was fascinated. The fact a girl with so much to live for chose the path of fiction and lies. She was stupid. She needed to die.

Officer Who are you to make that decision?

Dan I’m sick and I’m twisted. Do I have self belief? Of course, I believe in my psychopathic views to choose who has a right to life, and those unfortunate little drags that don’t.

Officer That is not self belief. That is arrogance. 

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