Also Known As Harry

♫Enjoy the life♫ Grace Winthrop-Scott is a Brittish UNI-girl from the heart of London. She lives her life together with her father, who is an alcoholic. Her mother passed away when she was five and her brother left when she was 14, because of their fathers alcoholic problems. Grace is now turned 18 and she still lives with her father in London. She has never been the most popular girl in UNI
and has always got problems with finding friends. But Cordelia, Grace's best friend since
kindergarden, has always been the supporting one in Grace's life. She helped her through her
mothers death, her fathers alcoholic problems and her brother moving to California with his girlfriend. But also a secret cyber friend has been helping her. But who is he in real life? One day Grace decides to take charge in her life and runs from home. She can't handle her fathers alcoholic problems anymore. But where is she going to stay? Cordelia isn't a option. But then she stumbles into a guy. He looks familiar.


2. Also Known As Harry

♫Enjoy the life♫


(Grace's P.O.V)

 I looked back at him and.. wait! I knew that face. The charming smile, the deep dimples and those green green eyes.. and the curls! How couldn't I see that before? I smiled nervous and he smiled back. God he had a cute smile! What was his name now? Oh, yes. Harry. Harry Styles, if I don't remember wrong. And I stood here, right next to him. I couldn't believe it.

I tried to calm down, and look like he wasn't someone special.

He leaded me to the elvator by laying a hand on my back. Oh. My. God. When I got home, I'm going to tell everything to Cordelia. She wouldn't believe it. I didn't believe it.

We walked inside the elevator and Harry pressed a botton. I didn't see which, and I didn't really care, cause I was to preoccupied pinching myself.

The elevator stopped and we stepped out. Harry leaded me to a door across the hall way. He unlocked the door and walked in, and I just followed him awkwardly. Am I really in his flat? Somebody pinch me please!

"Maybe you should sit down", he said. I nodded and sat down on the couch closest to the window. I looked outside and saw the whole city. Oh how beautiful. I looked around and saw Harry was gone. Maybe he was going to get something to clean my knee. My knee! I had forgot all about it. I looked down at it and saw a bloody scratch. I squinted my eyes in disgust. I hated the sight of blood. It always made me uncormfortable. 

Harry came back with a washcloth and bend down in front of me. "Tell me if it hurts", he said and softly cleaned the wound. I bited my lip. It hurted like hell, but I didn't wanted to be cumbersome. 

"Where do you live?", he suddenly asked and looked up at me. It took me some time to find the answer.

"I live by the old firestation in the heart of London", I said, still stuttering. Sigh. Why do I always stutter when I'm nervous?

"That's not long from here. What's your name?".

"Grace", I said and looked down at my fingers.

"My name is Harry. What were you doing outside at this time?". I sighed and looked up at the ceiling. He would think I'm crazy or something. 

"I.. I was going to the store to get some.. uhm.. biscuits. But I got lost cause of the dark, and here I am". He chuckled again. Okay, seriously. Somone PINCH ME!

"Well, you ain't going anywhere now. It's late and you can barely walk". He looked at me with he's green green eyes. Stop it Grace! I stared at him. God! Wake up!

I got out of my daydreaming-mode and nodded. I looked at me knee. All the blood was gone, only a long scratch was showed now. He bandaged it and took my hand. 

"Try to stand up". I did what he said and stood with mostly all my weight on the left. I limped a little around while holding his hand, so I didn't fall. His hand. So gently.

"Thanks. I feel much better now", I said with a smile and looked at him.

"Great! I got a guest room you can sleep in. It's just down the hall. I'll drive you home tomorrow". Home. No. I won't go home. Tell him Grace. No, I couldn't say that. It would sound like, I just wanted to stay with him.

I nodded and limped down the hall and into the room. There were a bed in the corner with a little nightstand next to it. Then there were a disk in the orther corner with a chair and a lamp. And then a window right in the middle. That was that, and it was perfect. 

I limped to the bed and took off my backpack. I nearly forgot, I had it. I opened it and grabbed my phone. Three messages. Two from Cordelia and one from my cyber friend.

I opened the one from him and read it. 'Hey A.K.A.G. Hows your day been?'. I started typing. 'Weird! That's the only thing, I have to say to it'. I giggled. It was true. It had been a weird day. 

Another message popped up. 'Mine to. I'm still thinking, this is some  kind of dream, I never woke up from'. I laughed. He just read my mind. 'Are you a mind reader?', I typed and pressed send. I took off my clothes and grabbed an a little to big shirt, my dad once bought, to sleep in. I looked at my phone again. 'Maybe. Sleep well'. I smiled and typed back: 'You to'.


(Harry's P.O.V)

I saw her limp to the guest room. She was kinda strange. I walked to the bathroom and washed the washcloth and throwed it in the washer.

I walked out and into my bedroom. I sat on my bed and grabbed my phone. I typed with a friend. Well, I don't really know her in person, but I love talking to her. It's like she understands me, no matter what I type. She don't really know me. I can't tell her who I am. She wouldn't understand it. And I'm afraid, that she is going to tell everyone. But I know, she won't. So, why shouldn't I? I mean... It's called 'Enjoy the life', right? No, I don't wanna take that risk. It's better this way.

I changed to a shirt, I could sleep in and layed down in the bed. I covered up and turned off the light. It's better this way...


A/N: -Yay! First authors note!

Okay. I need some feed back. This is the first story I've ever wrote, and I really would love, if you guys could leave a comment, like or add it to your fav. Just so I can see, that you want more, and it's not the worst story ever. Thanks!

~Anonymous Writer

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