Also Known As Harry

♫Enjoy the life♫ Grace Winthrop-Scott is a Brittish UNI-girl from the heart of London. She lives her life together with her father, who is an alcoholic. Her mother passed away when she was five and her brother left when she was 14, because of their fathers alcoholic problems. Grace is now turned 18 and she still lives with her father in London. She has never been the most popular girl in UNI
and has always got problems with finding friends. But Cordelia, Grace's best friend since
kindergarden, has always been the supporting one in Grace's life. She helped her through her
mothers death, her fathers alcoholic problems and her brother moving to California with his girlfriend. But also a secret cyber friend has been helping her. But who is he in real life? One day Grace decides to take charge in her life and runs from home. She can't handle her fathers alcoholic problems anymore. But where is she going to stay? Cordelia isn't a option. But then she stumbles into a guy. He looks familiar.


1. Also Known As Grace

♫Enjoy the life♫


(Grace's P.O.V)

Hi. My name is Grace and this is my story.

Right now I'm driving through the heart of London in my lime-green Bubble. Okay.. I don't exactly got a car, but my bicycle is lime-green, and I called it Bubble, so what's really the difference? Haha, okay, I'm kidding.

Well, as I said earlier, I'm driving around in London, cause I just can't stand living with my dad anymore. He's always drinking, sleeping or watching tv. So I practically ran away from home. Not my greatest idea, but it's better than nothing.

Cordelia, my best friend, is in Italy. My brother moved to California with his really strange girlfriend, don't ask, and my mother passed away, when I was five. So I'm all stucked with him.

I miss my mum. She was the one, who told me to 'Enjoy my life', but I never really had the chance to do it. So know is my big moment.

But to get my whole story, we need to go some hours back.


It all started on my 18th birthday. I was celebrating it at Cordelias place. My dad was drunk and sleeping on the couch, so he wasn't to much help.

I just opened my present from Cordelia and her parents: a T-shirt with my favorite qoute: 'Enjoy the life'. Tears pressed against my eyelids. It was the best present ever.

"Thank you guys so much!", I said while squinting my eyes.

"You are very welcome my dear", said mrs. Bennett and squeezed my shoulder a little, before she disappeard out in the kitchen.

"No need", said Cordelia and mr. Bennett in choir. I laughed a little and hugged Cordelia.

Suddenly my phone got a message. Cordelia looked at me with a smile on her lips.

"Is it your secret amire again?", she whispered and giggled slightly. I started blushing.

"He's not a secret admire, he's just a cyber friend..", I said with no confident in my voice.

I looked at my phone an read the message: 'Happy Birthday A.K.A.G! I hope you'll get a exceptional day! I'm sorry, that I can't give you a gift'. I smiled all over my face, and apparently Cordelia saw, cause she started giggling again. I rolled my eyes at her and walked upstairs to her room.

And by the way, my name on the internet is A.K.A.G, and it stands for Also Known As Grace. But that's only Cordelia, who knows that. 

I sad on her bed and started typing: 'Thank you.. it means a lot. At that's okay.. but maybe you can'. I pressed send and put it on the bed. Cordelia came in at sat next to me.

"So?", she asked.

"So what?", I said and looked at my phone. A message popped up: 'Like what?'. I started typing again: 'Maybe you could tell me your name?'. I pressed send again and looked at Cordelia.

"Do you think, he's going to tell you?", she asked exctied.

"I can only hope..", I answered followed by a sigh. He had answered, what I had expected. I showed the message to Cordelia. 'You know I can't', he wrote. She took my hand and squeezed it softly.

"I'm sorry.. but I still don't understand it, why won't he tell you?". I looked down.

"Cause he thinks, that I can't handle to know, who he is..", I said and played with my phone.

"It sounds like he's an assasin..", she said and laughed. I laughed with her.

"That would be very romantic", I said while laughing.



Okay.. now you know a little bit more about me.

Yeah, I got a cyber friend and so what? I guess we all got one. Or, nearly.

Well, as I said, I don't know his name, but I enjoy talking to him. It's like he understands me, no matter what I type. He knows nearly everything about me. He knows about my dad, my mum and my brother. He even knows about Cordelia.

We have never seen each other before, but it's killing me, that I can't imagine a picture of him. If I just could know, what his name was.

Okay. Later that day, on my birthday, I sat at home. My dad was still sleeping. What a life I got. Well, that was when I started thinking: 'This is not how I wanna live my life! I don't wanna see my dad drinking day after day, and myself just living my life, like there is no meaning with it'. 

So.. I walked to my room, packed a backpack and wrote a note: 'Dad, I can't live my life like this anymore. I need to find my own path and live it. I hope you know, I love you. Grace'. I put it on the counter and walked out the door.

And that's how I ended here. Driving around town in the middle of the night with no where to stay. Not my best idea.


I drove pass a sign with a clock on it. 00:26pm. I sighed. What am I doing? I stopped and stepped down from my bicycle. I walked a little and turned to the left.

"God.. impasse", I whispered to myself and turned around.

"Auch!", I screamed and fell forward. Someone grabbed me. I looked up, but I couldn't see anything cause of the dark.

"Are you okay?", he asked with a deep voice. I nodded, but realized, that he couldn't see it.

"Yes.. yes I am", I stuttered. When I turned around, I walked into him and fell.. how brilliant. I picked up my bicycle and leaned against it.

"I'm sorry for walking into you, I can't see anything in this darkness", I said slowly and rubbed my knee. I had scratched it and it started bleeding.

"No need. Are you sure you're okay?", he asked and bend down to look at my knee.

"You're bleeding. Let's get that fixed. I live just a little bit from here", he said and raised.

"Okay. Thanks", I stuttered again and started walking.


After about ten minutes later, we stood outside a giant block of flats.

"You live here?", I said surprising and looked at it.

"Yeah..", he said and chuckled. Aw.. he had the most amazing laugh. I leaned my bicycle against the wall and walked inside with the mysterious guy.

We came inside in a big hallway with a lot of doors, elevators and stairs. The light was sharp and I squinted my eyes. A man came towards us. Who was he?

"Mr. Styles, where have you been?", the man asked.

"I was just walking around, Wilfred. You don't have to be worry", he answered and looked at the man.

"Who is she?", the man asked again and looked at me this time.

"It's a girl I stumbled into on my way home. She's hurted, so I took her with me", he answered again and looked at me. I looked back at him and.. wait! I knew that face. The charming smile, the deep dimples and those green green eyes.. and the curls! How couldn't I see that before? I smiled nervous and he smiled back. God he had a cute smile! What was his name now? 

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