Niall's baby

How will Niall cope with having a child. How will Emily mange when Niall is on tour..will they be able to cope with all the stress of having a baby. Find out when you read my first fanfic! Hope you guys like it.


1. How can I be pregnant?

I held a test in my shaking hands. How could I be pregnant? We used protection, we were safe. I need to tell Niall..

I heard the door bang, Niall was home..I was so nervous. I heard footsteps going up the stairs. 

"Hey beautiful, why are you crying, what's the matter babe" 

"Nothing Niall I'm fine.." 

"Something is wrong Emily please tell me baby" 

"I,I'm pregnant" 

"Baby that's amazing news!! We are going to be brilliant parents" 

As he said that he picked me up, and I spun around on his hips, Niall was right we are going to be great parents. 


A/n Hope you like it so far please like and comment so I know that you are reading it thanks! 

Emily x

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