Niall's baby

How will Niall cope with having a child. How will Emily mange when Niall is on tour..will they be able to cope with all the stress of having a baby. Find out when you read my first fanfic! Hope you guys like it.


2. Doctors appointment

Emily POV  *2 months later*

"Hurry up Emily we are going to be late" 

"I'm coming baby" I quickly looked in my mirror to make sure I looked presentable and I grabbed my bag,then I rushed down to Niall. 

"Let's go baby I can't believe that we are going to see our baby for the first time" 

"I know babe I can't wait,I'm so excited!!


*skip car journey * 


"Emily Horan please come through, the doctor will be in soon" 


"Hello Emily I am doctor smith, please can you lay on here and I will show your baby. This gel is going to be cold."

I jumped slightly as Doctor Smith put the gel on my slightly raised stomach. 

"Here is your baby..hmm  Wait here I'll be right back. The doctor returned a few minutes later with another doctor. 

"Congratulations Mr and Mrs Horan you are having twins!!"

Niall POV 

"I can't believe it we are going to have two beautiful babies"

"I love you Emily"

"I love you too baby"

"Let's go home baby"




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