Niall's baby

How will Niall cope with having a child. How will Emily mange when Niall is on tour..will they be able to cope with all the stress of having a baby. Find out when you read my first fanfic! Hope you guys like it.


4. 9 month's later

Emily is now 9 months pregnant and its her due date. Her and Niall are snuggled in bed watching a RonCom..

Niall POV 

Babe, I'm really looking forward to being a daddy to two beautiful babies, but I'm worried how we will cope when I'm on tour..

Emily: I'll be fine Nialler I promise.. I love you and I can't wait to be a mummy either..we'll cope some how. 

Niall: I love you more princess, now get some sleep *kisses Emily on head* 

Emily: *yawn* Night my handsome prince! 

*4 hours later...* 

Emily: Owwwww!!!! Niall wake up!! Ouch owwww, help me Nialler. 

Niall: Shh Emily,your ok I'm here.. Breath slow and deep breaths. I can't believe its really happening!! 

*skip car journey* 

*At the hospital*

Nurse: Hello Emily I'm Fiona and I'm one of the nurses, I'll be looking after you today. 

Emily: Ok.. O-oooow, Ouch help me please! Help me!!! 

Nurse: That's it take nice deep breaths Emily, your doing brilliantly! Niall: Well done Emily my beautiful princesses

Nurse: Well done Emily, now you ready to push. OK after 3. 1...2...3 push!!! That's it good girl Emily

*2 hours later* 

Nurse: Congratulations Mr and Mrs Horan, It's a beautiful and healthy boy! 

*5 minutes later* 

Nurse: Congratulations you have two gorgeous twin boys! 

Niall: Well done Em, I love our little family! I can't believe that I'm a daddy! 




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