My Only Sunshine

A little bit of family time is always important.

(Or Zayn surprises Louis with a little help from their boys.)


1. My Only Sunshine

“Remember, extra quiet for Daddy, okay?” Zayn whispered as he nodded his head towards the direction of the master bedroom, signaling for the twins, George and Adam, to go ahead as he carefully balanced the breakfast tray in his hands.

“Extra quiet! Right!” Little Adam responded enthusiastically, his version of a whisper just that much louder than it was supposed to be. Pulling at his brother’s hand, he sprinted on over to his parents’ bedroom, stopping abruptly once he reached the closed door. With a very excited grin plastered on the older boy’s face, he carefully pushed the door open and peered inside to see that his father was still very much buried in an avalanche of white blankets and pillows.

Tiptoeing his way inside, Adam motioned (a little over dramatically) for George to follow as he slowly climbed up the right side (Zayn’s side, really) of the bed. Once the two boys were sat next to the still sleeping Louis, Zayn moved to place the tray on the coffee table near the balcony before leaning in to place a gentle kiss on the brunet’s temple.

Stirring ever so slightly, Louis’s eyes slowly fluttered open to the sight of his two sons smiling widely at him, George even waving his left hand in a silent hello. Giving them a groggy half-smile of his own, he reached over to ruffle each child’s hair before facing the side where he knew his husband was waiting to greet him.

“Good morning, Love,” Zayn said as he sat himself down on the side opposite of their little ones, a small smile gracing his features and a barely audible sigh escaping his lips as he made to give Louis a peck on his.

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