It's You and Me

Zouis morning fluff and cuddles on a day off.


1. It's You and Me

Zayn woke up to the feeling of Louis's arms wrapping themselves around his waist. With a satisfied sigh, he pushed himself back against his boyfriend's warm body, allowing a small smile to grace his lips as he felt light kisses being placed on the back of his neck.

“Mmm,” he started to say, not even bothering to hide how much he was enjoying the situation. “I like. Why are you up so early though, bebz?”

Louis chuckled at his lover’s word choice, rolling his eyes as he recalled one of the first times Zayn ever called him by that ridiculous pet name. Choosing not to comment on it, though, he rested his face next to the other lad’s and said, “Well, today’s our day off. It’s our first in months, and we haven’t been on a proper date in ages, love.”

Zayn chuckled as he imagined the pout that was most definitely gracing Louis’s perfect lips. He knew he could never deny the older boy what he asked for, but he wanted to stay in bed a little longer, so he turned around to face his blue-eyed beauty, wrapping his arms around his neck for good measure.

“Don’t you want to stay in?” Zayn suggested as Louis shuffled closer and placed his nose against the younger’s tanned neck. He breathed in deeply, the familiar scent of his man in the morning overwhelming his senses. The brunet was out of it for a bit before he remembered that he actually had to answer his boyfriend’s question if he wanted to get the ball rolling, so to speak.

“No,” Louis half-whined. “I want to go out, Zaynie. Come on, pleeeeease?”

Now Zayn had every intention of calling Louis out on that nickname. Really, he did. But when he glanced down to look into the smaller lad’s eyes, all arguments were thrown out the window. Heck, Zayn probably would have jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge if Louis had asked him to at the moment. Damn, those blue orbs.

“Fine,” Zayn relented, reluctantly untangling himself from the mess of sheets and limbs he found to be so comfortable. “What do you want to do, Lou?” he asked as he started shuffling around the room, presumably to find an outfit.

Louis felt a slight blush heating up his face as he sat up and leaned against Zayn’s headboard. “Honestly, I don’t really care,” he said as he bit his lower lip, his gaze landing on his lap. “I just really want to spend the day out with you.”

The sight of his boyfriend looking all flustered like that really did the Bradford boy in. Deciding to forego his sock search for a little while, he leaped across the room and jumped back into bed, grabbing the Doncaster boy by the face and gently laying him back down, all thought of going out gone for the time being.

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