Desdemona, Mona for short, has a secret. Mona dreams, and in the world she lives in, dreams are unheard of. Mona's dreams are horrifying, people are dying, the streets are bare and everything is lifeless. But Mona is about to find out that reality and dreams, can get confused. Mona is waking up, her dreams are her reality and she is in danger. When Desdemona wakes up in the world she sees in her dreams how can she cope with knowing it's all a lie. The Dream-makers need to put her back to sleep whether through death or putting her back in her pod.

Blake has been awake for years an never seen another human being before, so when he finds Mona, crouched in a dirty alleyway, naked, he is more than a tad shocked. Mona has no idea what is going on, she is scared and Blake might be the only one who can save her from the dream makers. One thing she knows for sure, she doesn't want to go back to her dream world.


2. 2

It was raining again, just the way I liked it. People always thought I was strange because the sound and sight of the rain soothed me. Once I went outside and laid down on my decking in the rain and just smile as it drenched my clothes and skin. 


My best friend was a girl called Dria, she liked the rain too and honestly I think that's how we began taking in the first place. I found her at the local school sitting in the cafeteria. Dria was the only person in the world I could trust not to tell anyone about my dreams, which is why I decided to tell her about my most recent one.

"It was so weird Dria, weirder than normal. They talked about terminating something called project Anna and this time I could feel things. Like the mist that always surrounds me, it's cold, freezing actually. I've never been able to feel that before... but I could this time." My voice trailed of in confusion and wonderment. Dria was looking at me with the most worried face I had seen in a while, on anybody and that includes the time I broke my wrist. 

"Mona, keep your voice down! What of one of the guardians heard that you were dreaming. They would take you away and you know it!" She hissed at me quietly. Of course I knew she was right but I couldn't  bring myself to care. The guardians were supposedly protectors of the town, they were all over America. Though they were more like wardens than protectors, they enforced all the rules and if you thought there was something strange about you, well you better keep it to yourself. An eye roll was my only response. In my opinion the guardians were bullies and the best way to get rid of a bully was to show that they didn't scare you. 

"I'll be fine Dria, don't you ever wonder why we don't dream. I've heard stories, about people who dream and the guardians come and take them away. Those people are never seen again." I said. My best friend's expression became one of horror and fear, she kept looking me over like she was afraid I would vanish right before her eyes. Yeah right, I wasn't Houdini.

"And you want to end up like them?! For the love of god Mona, you have to stop this!" Dria whispered harshly. How could she not see? I couldn't stop thinking about this! What if my dreams were related to those disappearances? 

"I can't. This means something Dria, I know it does." I argued but it fell on deft ears, she wasn't listening.

"You are going to get yourself hurt Mona, I can't save you from this." She said before walking away from me, away from the issues I represented in her life.  

"You won't need to." I defended, though I wasn't all that sure.

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