Desdemona, Mona for short, has a secret. Mona dreams, and in the world she lives in, dreams are unheard of. Mona's dreams are horrifying, people are dying, the streets are bare and everything is lifeless. But Mona is about to find out that reality and dreams, can get confused. Mona is waking up, her dreams are her reality and she is in danger. When Desdemona wakes up in the world she sees in her dreams how can she cope with knowing it's all a lie. The Dream-makers need to put her back to sleep whether through death or putting her back in her pod.

Blake has been awake for years an never seen another human being before, so when he finds Mona, crouched in a dirty alleyway, naked, he is more than a tad shocked. Mona has no idea what is going on, she is scared and Blake might be the only one who can save her from the dream makers. One thing she knows for sure, she doesn't want to go back to her dream world.

1. 1

It's always the same, every night. The same people, the same place, the same horror. I don't know why I'm like this, why I can see these things. I don't know why I dream. 


It's cold, colder than any winter I have ever experienced. I am trapped, or at least I think I am because no matter how hard I try I cannot escape. I cannot move. I am encased in a glass cell and I can't feel anything, all I see is the thick mist that freezes my skin. I get this strange feeling, like this is all real and something was very wrong. There are voices, though I cannot see the owner I fear them, their words are harsh and cold. It's almost like there is no compassion, no good feeling at all.

"Project Anna is waking up, she has shown signs of opening her eyes and speaking, we must terminate her." A man's voice says. The words both frighten and intrigue me, even though there is usually some kind of speech in my dreams it changes every time. I didn't hear what the other person the voice was taking to said but I knew that they agreed because in the next minute a red light flashed in the room and a voice boomed out.

"Project Anna has been terminated. Project Anna has been terminated. Project Anna has been terminated." That was were my dream ended. 

When I woke up I was breathing heavily. Scared of what had happened in my dream, I didn't tell anyone about it because if I did, I was going to be in a lot of trouble.

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