Last chance for a goodbye

Hi I'm Simone (si-mown) and this is my first story,
Jodi was an ordinary girl who had a 19-year old sister named Jillian. Jodi was 10 years old, one day, she got lost at the park looking for her mom until, a strange woman took care of her and helped her find her mother which took about a week. Realizing, she had just changed her sisters life.... And then the whole story takes place, with Jillian in the middle.... What happens next? Find out!


8. The Flashback

Jillian's P.O.V.

Ever since that day, I've Been the happiest girl in the world!!! But I was worried if I would never see Harry again. I would do anything to see him. But everybody had rumors about him going out with some other girl named Megan. It's his life though, they say Megan is really pretty. Some say she is a model. And I'm such a baby thinking that Harry actually likes me. I'm just a normal girl, nothing special about me.

Jodi's P.O.V.

I saw Ate Yanna crying earlier. So, I decided to ask my mum to call my other cousins to cheer her up! I know that Ate Sev and Sasa are in Paris, Ate Sim in Australia, Or was she doing a movie with Ate Cleian in New York? But we called all four of them and they all agreed. They will be here soon. " Ate Yanna, Don't feel bad! The whole gang is coming!" I said. "I dont think so Jodi. Sev and Sasa are busy on the runway, Sim is recording her new song in Australia or she is probably doing a movie with Clengcleng in New York! And I have nothing to do! Our Dance concert with Marielle and Angelika isn't up until next month! And Alliah and Lilandra went off to Hawaii!!!! There's nothing to do!" She said weeping. "there, the-" suddenly, I was cut off by the knock on the door. "We're HERE!!!!" Screamed our four cousins excitedly. "Why is Yanna crying!?" Asks Ate Sev worriedly. "Because of Larry!" I said. " Oh, Harry!" Ate Simmy said. "What's so special about Harry except for you know, his fame..." Asks Ate Clengcleng. "I don't know... he just, he justs reminds me of my past with you know who, Sim, you know what I'm talking about right?" Yanna explains while Sim and Cleian look at each other and nod as if they both know what Ate Yanna is talking about... "Why what's with Harry that reminds you of them?" Ate Cleian Asks. "Well, he has that perfect smile of JK and the green eyes of C and he-he's-he's just perfect! He has everything that made me fall for JK and C but I just know that he won't leave me like they did!" Yanna says weeping. Then Ate Sim and Ate Cleian look at each other smiling and they both nod as if they know exactly what Ate is talking about. 

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