Last chance for a goodbye

Hi I'm Simone (si-mown) and this is my first story,
Jodi was an ordinary girl who had a 19-year old sister named Jillian. Jodi was 10 years old, one day, she got lost at the park looking for her mom until, a strange woman took care of her and helped her find her mother which took about a week. Realizing, she had just changed her sisters life.... And then the whole story takes place, with Jillian in the middle.... What happens next? Find out!


26. Taylor Swift

Here's the fifth! 10 more to go!


We saw........ TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!! Me and Febronia were screaming, the boys were laughing at us but, Harry was upset somehow then he walked out. I nudged Febronia with my elbow and she gave me a look that said 'WHAT?!?!?' Clearly annoyed! Then I pointed to Harry who just walked out. Then she gave me an 'ohhhhhh, I will check it out look' then I gave her a 'you kinda should' look. What is up with looks these days! Then I faced the 4 laughing maniacs. I coughed to make them notice me. They all looked at me after that.


Louis: What?

Me: Well....... Taylor came in, we screamed, you laughed but Harry walked out. And you're still telling me What?!?! Now, SPILL!

 Ugh, boys! I wish they pay more attention! Then Louis gave them a 'should we tell her' look and everyone nodded. "Okay" he said.

Louis: you know we're in 1Direction right?

i nodded and gave him an 'obviously' look. He rolled his eyes.

Zayn: Well months ago, our manager made them date, then Harry started to like her but Taylor just kept acting the dates.

Me: And?.....

Niall: When the deal was over, He was about to ask her out but before he had the chance-

He was cut off by Harry who walked in.

Harry: She told me that it was fun acting as if we liked each other and I was pretty good at it too.

Liam: But he didn't listen and asked her out and She-

He was cut off. What is wrong with people these days!

Taylor: And I said no.

Me: Taylor!

Then she smiled at me. And waved hello.

Taylor: Look Harry, the reason I said no was because, I knew it wasn't real. We would've been on a real date if we felt something the day we met but, no we didn't! We had to learn to love each other before we felt something! And that Harry is forced love! 

Harry: Ta-

He was cut off.... AGAIN!

Taylor : Listen Harry, I like you! Ever since we met! But I didn't want us to be together because, I knew you didn't feel the same! I knew that you would like me if you learned only. I knew that someday you would find the right girl. And look here she is!

she said pointing at Febe. Harry smiled at Febe then Taylor. Febe blushed.

Harry: Thanks Taylor!

Taylor: No problem! Friends?

Taylor reached her hand out. Harry grabbed it.

Harry: Friends!

They hugged and then pulled away.

Taylor: Bye!

Us: Bye!!!

What a nice day!.......


Like it? 10 more to go and thanks so much for the 207 views! I promise I'll keep updating! Keep Reading, Love Writing! -Simone




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